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Product Care

Product Care

Care Tip #1 When ironing shirts that have been screen printed or had a vinyl transfer applied, be sure to iron around those areas and not over them. The screen printing can crack and the vinyl transfer can melt under the heat from your iron. For longer lasting decorations, be sure to follow these simple tips. 

Care Tip #2 When hanging your cotton garments out on the washing line to dry, it is best advised to hang these shirts inside out. Cotton tends to fade quicker than polyester garments or poly/cotton blends when left in the sun. It is also worth hanging shirts from under the armpits rather than from the base of the shirt, as cotton garments will stretch naturally with the weight of the garment. 

Care Tip #3 Not wishing to stereotype, gentlemen, but if the recipient of your new polo shirt is male and unlikely to do much ironing, you might like to consider a polyester 'wash n' wear' uniform. 

 Normally a polyester shirt, or sometimes a poly/cotton blend, these garments can usually be washed and then immediately dried and hung or folded. Perfect for the low maintenance man!