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Promotional Pencils

One thing that will never change no matter how much we embrace technology is the reliability of a good old sturdy pencil. No matter what business you walk into or what line of work you do, you will find pencils stashed all around the workspace. It would not occur to most people`, but promotional pencils are one of the best ways to advertise your company's brand. EmbroidMe has won numerous awards for their top of the line service creating custom clothing, promotional gear, and more.

Studies have shown that companies who use promotional pencils and other promotional products receive a higher return on positive impressions per cost than any other media to date. This is probably because you can actually hold something like a promotional pencil in your hand. It's tactile. You can see it and feel it, and most important of all, it actually serves its purpose. The company who gave you the promotional material isn't aggressively trying to pressure you into buying their products or services, which resonates well with people. The promotional pencil with your logo on the side of it is a friendly reminder every time they look at it or use it to write something down. Promotional pencils are like a miniature billboard that people can carry around with them where ever they go. When someone asks if they can use a pencil to jot something down and they're handed one with your company's name on it, they see it and absorb it without being bombarded or overwhelmed with advertising or marketing tricks. Then they use the pencil and it gets the job done, leaving them with a positive experience.

EmbroidMe has a full service website waiting to help you get custom designs on promotional pencils and other promotional gear. EmbroidMe also has over 200 worldwide Resource Centers ready to take walk-in orders. Contact EmbroidMe today and get your name out there the right way.