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Promotional Items

Promotional Items

Promotional items are essential to creating brand awareness. EmbroidMe offers thousands of unique and effective types of merchandise that can emphasize or complement any type of promotional event. Water bottles, wrist bands, shirts, hats and much more are ready to be customized with your company logo to promote your brand.

These items create brand awareness, keeping your company top of mind, thanks to their consistent everyday use.

Since EmbroidMe specializes in custom embroidery and screen printing, just about any imaginable item can be used as a promotional product. Tablet sleeves, USB drives, pens and other useful items that make appearances in offices and homes across the country can be customized to prominently display the image and contact information of your company.

EmbroidMe offers a number of promotional solutions for special events such as trade shows, fundraisers, charity events or even field trips. Every promotional event can be a creative opportunity to align your company with a non-profit cause, a new industry or political campaign. Often co-branding is a smart strategy to achieve the recognition. Visit one of our resource centers or shop online to discuss your ideas and find a perfect item for your event.

For more than a decade, EmbroidMe has been the industry leader in the printing and embroidery business. Each of the 300 resource centers has the knowledge and expertise to provide quality custom printed products and a top notch customer experience. Our specialists are trained to answer all your questions and help you achieve your goals. For more information on how you can create a promotional product strategy to build brand awareness and your business, please contact or visit an EmbroidMe resource center today.