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Customized Chill Cup | Promotional Items from EmbroidMe

Show Your Appreciation with Customized Chill Cup Drinkware

Double-wall tumblers and cups are popular promotional items that are always appreciated by recipients because they can be used anywhere and are convenient to have. Why not start your customers or employees day off right by allowing them to enjoy their favorite morning beverages on the go or at home, without watering them down with melting ice cubes? The Chill Cup is a double-walled tumbler that allows for ice to be placed in the bottom of the cup separate from the beverage, so beverages taste fresh and as they were intended to.

The Chill Cup Offers a Unique Way to Increase Brand Visibility

Promotional products are known for their cost-effectiveness and usability, making them great tools for businesses and organizations wanting to increase visibility and get their messages seen by more consumers. The Chill Cup is a unique item that will definitely be used by recipients in any number of scenarios and locations. Even though its name implies the use of cold beverages, the Chill Cup can also be used for hot beverages as well, is made of BPA-free plastic and includes a snap-on locking lid. If using the Chill Cup for hot beverages, the bottom compartment can be used to store keys, money and coins while on the go. With so many functions in one product, this unique drinkware can be used lounging around the house, at sporting events, at the beach or at work, providing unlimited opportunities for your brand to be seen.

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