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Custom USB Drives | Promotional Items by EmbroidMe

Custom USB Drives from EmbroidMe Are the Perfect Promotion for Your Brand

According to new research, USB flash drives are among the most influential and desirable promotional products for consumers. They’re practical, cost-effective, high-tech and useful for a variety of everyday needs. EmbroidMe offers custom USB drives in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs that will make an impact with your prospective customers and clients. You can use them for special giveaways, for promoting social media interaction, and more. The possibilities are practically endless, making USB drives the perfect promotions for tech companies, local businesses, exciting startups, major brands and more!

Custom USB Drives Are Practical and Cost-Effective

Most consumers see USB flash drives as a tempting, high-value promotion—but with wholesale pricing and simple customization from EmbroidMe, they’re probably more affordable than you think. Whether you’re catering to discerning, tech-oriented clients or average customers, our experts can help you develop the perfect offering to fit your brand’s need and image. With regular, everyday use your USB drives could make over 2,000 impressions in each product’s lifetime, elevating your brand image and influencing important new buyers to make that critical first transaction. USB drives are proof positive that a little bit of the right marketing can go a very long way.

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EmbroidMe is America’s largest embroidery & personalization franchise, with 300 resource centers across the United States, Canada and Australia. From child-friendly offerings to pet promotions, niche offerings, and mobile-friendly items for tech savvy adults, EmbroidMe has it all. Consumers prefer promotional products over other types of marketing, and they provide a uniquely interactive, creative and cost-effective way to create or increase brand awareness. To find the resource center nearest you where you can stop in and see samples of our products, visit our homepage or call 1-877-877-0234.