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Consumers Love Technology-Driven Promo Items

With the steady popularity of smartphones, tablets and pretty much anything with a touch screen, promotional items that coincide with trending tech items are increasingly popular among businesses and their customers. Consumers can never have too many accessories when it comes to their favorite gadget, and let’s face it, who wants smudges and finger prints all over the screens of those devices? Fortunately, EmbroidMe offers a variety of different custom stylus pens that your business can use to hand out at tradeshows, in your store or at virtually any other marketing event.

Custom Stylus Pens Are Efficient Business Gifts

Not only are custom stylus pens popular promotional items for consumers, but your employees and business partners will appreciate the gesture if given custom stylus pens designed with your logo or brand message. Since many businesses use touchscreen devices either around the office or on the go at various business meetings, custom stylus pens will be one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to meet deadlines or make it to meetings. This is also a great accessory to give to employees if you recently upgraded equipment around the office, or if you provide business tablets, touchscreen laptops or smartphones for your employees.

EmbroidMe Offers a Wide Variety of Custom Stylus Pens

Not all stylus pens are created equal. At EmbroidMe, we have a wide range of different sizes, colors and types of pens that can be customized to your brand. From ball point ink pens that also have stylus tips to multi-tech stylus pens specifically designed for multiple gadgets, EmbroidMe is your one stop shop for today’s popular promotional items. With over 300 resource centers across the U.S., Canada and even Australia, we are never too far out of reach. Visit our homepage to find the resource center nearest you or call 1-877-877-0234. Our promotional marketing experts are ready to help your brand stand out from the competition. Contact us today!