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Custom Rubber Duckies | Promotional Items by EmbroidMe

A Unique Promotional Item for All Ages

If you’re looking for a promotional item that will be a hit with kids, look no further than custom rubber duckies from EmbroidMe. Our rubber duckies can be customized to display your brand’s logo or any other design or message and are sure to get your brand noticed. This famous toy makes for a unique promotional item that can keep your brand top of mind to consumers long after they receive it. Made popular by the popular kid’s television show, Sesame Street, in the 1970s, rubber duckies are sure to please children and parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness that your brand has for their entire family.

Custom Rubber Duckies are Suitable for All Events and Industries

The opportunities to use custom rubber duckies from EmbroidMe are endless. Make kids excited about going to the dentist or doctor’s office by awarding them a doctor or dentist-themed rubber ducky with your logo on it. Parents will appreciate the kind gesture and kids will actually look forward to their next visit. We have many types of custom rubber duckies that reflect various industries, such as construction rubber duckies, sports-themed rubber duckies, camouflage rubber duckies, graduate rubber duckies, fireman rubber duckies and many more! We also have plain rubber duckies that you can customize if you’re looking for a more generic option in your campaign. Regardless of the type, our custom rubber duckies will make for unique handouts at community events, such as festivals or fairs, tradeshows or as in-store giveaways.

EmbroidMe Offers a Large Selection of Kid-Friendly Promotional Items

Our rubber duckies are effective on their own and can also make great companions to customized coloring books and crayons that EmbroidMe also offers. In addition to our vast assortment of custom rubber duckies, we have many other promotional toys that are safe for children. For more information on a specific promotional product or to find a resource center near you, visit our website or call 1-877-877-0234 today.