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Consumers and businesses today are always on the go and so are their devices, making portable charging devices and power banks more of a necessity. Make sure your business can be reached anywhere and at any time by providing customers with custom power banks from EmbroidMe that keep their mobile phones and tablets charged all day long. Not only will this be useful for consumers, but you will make a lasting impression on your audience by keeping your brand top-of-mind during their daily routines and activities.

Custom Power Banks That Come in a Variety of Options

Custom power banks are perfect additions to marketing campaigns you may already have in the works. At EmbroidMe, we provide rechargeable power banks that come in many different sizes, colors and additional components that will tie in well with your current branding efforts.  We have many options of sleek and portable power banks, such as ones that can easily be attached to key rings to ensure your custom power back is never misplaced.

Custom power banks are also great gifts for your employees. If your business offers company cell phones or tablets, consider handing out power banks that are perfect for recharging those devices, as well as charging their own personal gadgets. Our power banks come in a range of specifications, so you can choose ones that are compatible with many different devices.

Order Custom Power Banks from EmbroidMe Today

EmbroidMe has a large presence across the U.S. with over 300 resource centers, including some in Canada and Australia. Each of our locally-owned resource centers have various items showcased so you can stop in and see the quality of our promotional products and garments for yourself. To find the resource center nearest you, visit our home page or call 1-877-877-0234 today. Our promotional marketing specialists are capable of helping you come up with the perfect product and design to reflect your brand’s values. Order custom power banks from EmbroidMe today and increase your brand awareness.