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Custom Multi-Tools | Promotional Items from EmbroidMe

An Inspiring Promotional Product

When it comes to promotional products, consumers want items that are not only unique, but also useful in everyday situations. Custom multi-tools are one of the most useful products your business can give away, and as a result are also one of the most valuable. Whether you’re trying to stand out at an upcoming tradeshow or looking for a promotional product that gets your brand noticed among consumers, custom multi-tools will be greatly admired and appreciated, making your brand top-of-mind.

Custom Multi-tools are for Everyone

Multi-tools aren’t just pocket knives anymore. With the advancements of technology and mobile device accessories, multi-tools are now so much more. You can now get custom multi-tools that are slim enough to fit inside of most wallets, so anyone can use them! Even though they are small, slim custom multi-tools won’t disappoint when it comes to their value. At EmbroidMe, we offer slim multi-tools that have many uses in one convenient tool, such as a knife edge, ruler, can and bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, key chain hole and even a saw blade.

For the DIY-inspired consumer, EmbroidMe also offers multi-tools that are more rugged and encompass many of the tools necessary to get tasks done anywhere. Our multi-tools come in a range of different sizes and functionalities and include a number of gadgets, such as pliers, wire cutters, scissors, large or small bit drivers and screwdrivers. These types of multi-tools are ideal for the fixer-upper type of consumer and will definitely get your brand to stand out.

For the Best in Custom Multi-Tools, Contact EmbroidMe

Promotional Products offer a high return on investment at a low cost per impression, making them one of the most valuable and effective forms of marketing. To get started on a promotional product strategy, contact the promotional marketing experts at EmbroidMe today. To find one of our 300 resource centers that is nearest you, visit or call 1-877-877-0234.