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Custom Microfiber Cloth

Custom Microfiber Cloth: A Useful Item for Everyone

Whether your business is attending an upcoming tradeshow or simply looking for a useful promotional product to hand out to customers in your store, custom microfiber cloth is the perfect item to get your brand recognized. This promotional item provides usefulness on any number of gadgets or smart devices that your customers, employees or business partners are bound to have. Custom microfiber cloth removes smudges and fingerprints on the most sensitive surfaces, so devices can look newer even longer.

EmbroidMe: Your One-Stop-Shop for Custom Microfiber Cloth

What better way to show your appreciation to consumers and hard-working employees than with an item that can be used daily? There are a number of different options for custom microfiber cloth and screen cleaners at EmbroidMe. For mobile devices, we have microfiber cloth that is small and compact for easy mobility. We also have custom microfiber cloth that comes in specialty shapes, such as police badges, thought clouds, stop signs and hearts just to name a few.

For more cleaning capabilities, EmbroidMe offers custom microfiber clothes with multiple functions. For example, screen cleaners that contain microfiber cloth on one side and a brush on the other are perfect for keeping all components of laptops and desktop keyboards clean at home and at the office. Our efficient screen cleaners can come in protective cases to protect them from the elements.

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