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Trade Show Table Covers

Think back to the last trade show that you attended. The odds are good that you found yourself surrounded by bland and boring tables. Most people attending these shows spend more time focusing on the giveaway items and clothing they wear but forget about the table –where all the important information is featured!

Using new trade show table covers can really help your table and booth pop. Table covers essentially cover the tops of your tables, and also hang nearly to the floor, which provides for hidden storage space underneath your tables. With EmbroidMe, you can easily create customized covers that work with the theme of your booth and your company’s logo.

There are a number of different options available to you when it comes to table covers. Though many think of EmbroidMe as an embroidery company, you can also create great printed designs. Choose graphics that will catch the eye of all attendants and a design that features your logo.

EmbroidMe can even print or embroider your table covers with anything you need. To catch the attention of potential customers, we will assure your company logo appears front and center on each table cover. You may want to try a few different designs before making a final decision- you can do all that and much more at an EmbroidMe Resource Center.

Check out our website to explore the different options available to you and the services EmbroidMe offers. Visit your nearest Resource Center for personalized help creating table covers.