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Trade Show Booth Design

Make the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are opportunities for showcasing your products and services to future potential customers. Putting your company's best face forward is a priority. EmbroidMe Resource Centers have plenty of products and knowledgeable customer service representatives to help your trade show booth design really pop to grab the attention of trade show participants.

Attract attention with a coordinated color that is associated with your company name and logo. From table covers adorned with your company logo, to the shirts worn by your trade booth attendants, color is a definite focal point and attention grabber.

Once customers are attracted by the coordinated trade booth design, their interest can be maintained with promotional products, such as the standard pens, pencils, and notepads displaying your company's name and logo. Other items to make your company memorable include keychains, lanyards, mugs, and tote bags. Furthermore, anytime they use the items, other people in their company will be exposed and potentially drawn to your marketing message. EmbroidMe's knowledgeable staff of promotional marketing experts can work with you to choose just the right products that will promote your business or organization.

Visit an EmbroidMe Resource Center or browse online at to take advantage of EmbroidMe’s expertise and your business will realize a boost in profits. It's been shown that business increases up to 60% with promotional items. Don't let another trade show pass by without showcasing your field of goods and/or services.