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Network at Trade Shows With Custom Promotional Items

Trade shows are amazing opportunities to both learn about an industry and reel in new contacts. But after being at a convention for two or three days you’ve probably met hundreds of new people, and despite the many business cards you’ve collected you might find it impossible to put a name to a face. When you go to a trade show, you need a way to leave a distinct and meaningful impression in a short amount of time.

A business card gets lost in someone’s wallet or purse, the ink fades and the card gets wrinkled—but with EmbroidMe’s high quality printing services, you can put your name, number and logo onto thousands of other promotional items that will make your new contacts remember you. Leaving behind a pen, mousepad, or something your contacts can use every day will leave a stronger impact and reinforce your brand image on a daily basis. You’ll be more likely to get follow ups from contacts you meet at trade shows by handing out one of our promotional marketing items instead of business card.

We have a wide selection of promotional items for you to choose from—pens and office supplies are great items to print your logo onto and pass out at trade shows. And if you want to get more creative we also have a wide range of promotional items that are industry specific. Work in health care? Print your company’s logo onto pedometers and first aid kits. Or if you work in accounting and finances we can put your logo onto calculators. The only thing you are limited by with EmbroidMe is your own imagination. 

Our embroidery and inkjet printing also makes creating customized t-shirts, dress shirts and polos for you and your team. We can help you convey the company image you want, while also being comfortable during those long hours of networking at trade shows.

For more information on what kinds of promotional marketing items will be best for your organization’s next trade show, contact EmbroidMe today.