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EmbroidMe is a global network of resource centers providing exceptional screen printing services. Serigraphy, or screen printing, is a unique and precise method for creating images on almost any type of paper, object or fabric. The procedure entails utilizing a pressurizing process that prints ink on a screen with areas that are blocked by a stencil. Screen printing is used in a wide range of applications from commercial solutions to creating art.

On-site specialists at EmbroidMe are all trained to generate a diversified portfolio of quality products. With a goal of identifying and customizing a client’s vision, you can expect our screen printing services will always be personal, punctual, professional and cost effective. From promotional materials to customized apparel, whether on a local, national or global scale, our screen printing services follow a distinct eight step process for how to best fulfill marketing goals. For your t-shirts, posters, labels, coffee mugs and more, on-site specialists will use the most advanced tools and techniques, including water based inks, plasticharge, metallic foil, dye discharge, burnout, dye sublimation and custom blends.

Founded in 2000, EmbroidMe’s first Florida showroom has expanded into over 300 resource centers across the United States, Canada and Australia. In that time, our expertise has provided an array of businesses and organizations with outstanding embroidery on their customized specialty products. Our award-winning custom screen printing services deliver unparalleled quality, craftsmanship and a quality return on every project, regardless of size or budget.

If your business has a project that needs specialized screen printing, you have come to the right place. Explore the site to learn about our range of products and services. Or, contact the nearest EmbroidMe resource center in your locality. See our facilities and let one of our on-site specialists show you why our name is trusted in a variety of industries. The EmbroidMe experience promises to be an extension of your marketing department, putting your screen printing needs front and center every step of the way.