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Name Tags and Badges

Name Tags and Badges

Name tags and badges can help an organization function more efficiently. Employees, managers and customers will feel more comfortable when they can address one another by their given names. High-quality engraved name tags can create a more personal business-client relationship as well.

Name Tags Differentiate Your Brand from Others

Banks, retail and convenience-store employees can all refer to one another by name with magnetic name tags. A busy hospital can avoid mishaps and respond faster when their personnel can simply read custom name badges. Name badges enable customers to overcome their natural hesitancy to ask important questions.

Busy managers won't need to fumble to remember their employees’ names. They can simply read their magnetic name tags and avoid any embarrassment. Engraved name tags can also be used for security purposes to ensure that an individual has clearance to be in a certain area. Thus, name tags can increase your business’ efficiency and safety, can improve employee-management relations, and can improve your clients’ experiences with your company.

Custom Badges Can Improve Brand

Custom badges make it easier for your employees to bond with clients. Employee name badges give your employees a real tool for connecting with their clients at a more personal level. This closer customer relationship could lead to more sales opportunities and consequently more profits.

EmbroidMe is an expert at designing and printing on any medium. They can easily make great-looking custom name badges for your business. Also, there are hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the country. If your company has branches in multiple locations, you can order your custom badges from a location near each branch.

Create great name badges to make your brand more consumer-friendly. Call EmbroidMe to get started on designing your name tags today.