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Get a Grip with Branded PopSockets

PopSockets are the next big thing when it comes to mobile accessories. You’ll see many phones rocking these expressive little phone grips, coming in all different colors and designs. PopSockets adhere to the back of your smartphone with suction cups, allowing for better grip and even a way for your phone to stand on its own. Branded PopSockets make for great giveaways at corporate events and company parties. Your customers and staff will be able to text with one hand, get more stable photos and prevent phone drops. This is the perfect opportunity to give your audience a useful promotional item that they’ll take with them everywhere they go.

Great Exposure for Your Brand

Wherever your customers or employees are headed, their PopSockets will follow. Imagine your company logo displayed on this portable little item, showing off your brand to everyone around. This is a highly visible way to make your company stand out from the crowd. Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe offers an awesome selection of branded PopSockets that can be screen-printed with your high-res logo or just about any graphic you choose. The options are truly endless! Branded PopSockets allow your customers to make a statement for your company while making a fashion statement for themselves.   

Make promotional PopSockets part of your corporate culture, or give your customers an item that is fun and useful. Our high-quality PopSockets are compatible with most phones and easy to attach. Your customers and staff will love the fact that they are repositionable and reusable. Embrace this walking advertisement for your business and expose your brand like never before. This is just one of many promotional items that Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe can provide your company. Browse our online selection of branded popsockets and see how they can help you achieve your promotional goals.

Contact the specialists at Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe today! Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe is a one-stop shop destination for small and medium sized businesses for all of their promotional needs. Our local experts provide not only the products and service that businesses need, but the solutions and ideas to help their customers get more customers. For a lasting impression, call (877) 877-0234 or visit your local Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe resource center.

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