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Toys & Novelties

Toys & Novelties

Personalized balloons and costume party hats add more fun and fanfare to kids’ parties, grand openings and open houses.

Customized crayon and coloring books keep kids engaged in learning about new things or help entertain young ones while traveling or in waiting rooms and restaurants.

Looking to relieve stress around the office? From Interns to executives, everyone likes a break from the grind. Promotional games and toys help relax nerves and refresh the mind during the workday. Have a little fun at lunch challenging your colleagues to play a round of cards or shoot hoops on your customized desk basketball setup.

Illuminate your event with light up accessories and office supplies that create a fun way to get the word out from business conference giveaways to corporate events. EmbroidMe® offers eclectic light up promotional gear for all occasions.

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