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Electronic Accessories

Wear Your Company Buds Everywhere


Many people walk around with ear buds or headphones to zone out or ignore the outside world. Imagine having your employees or customers use customized headphones with your logo imprinted on them. Have your people advertise your company when using their headphones to disappear into their own personal world. Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe offers many styles of ear buds, headphones and accessories that are customizable to promote your company. 


Capitalize on Travel


Most people wear headphones or ear buds while they travel. Just walk up and down the aisle on an airplane, you will see many name brands of headphones. What if you could put your company name and logo on the case, headband or even the buds on just a couple of them? That’s a great way to get some company exposure to a variety of people from a variety of places. Ever experience the pain of traveling across the country without access to sound on your tablet or phone? Invest in some spares and save the day by offering those travelers a complimentary set of ear buds promoting your company.


Emergency Provider


No matter how organized we are, one day we will forget our ear buds or headphones while heading to the gym. Keep a supply of inexpensive customized ear buds in your locker or possessions to offer those in need of an emergency. Hopefully your ingenuity will put your company name out there and lead to future prospects. Keep a good supply on you while you watch your kids sporting events, and hand them out to the little ones who are blasting their tablets or parents’ phones.


Generic to Premium


Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe can provide generic wired headphones and ear buds as a quick hand out during meetings or presentations. But to make a big impression, check out the premium, name brand wireless ear buds or headphones you can model as you are traveling. Whether your budget is large or small, prefer ear buds or over the ear, or want wired or wireless, get your name on these products and start advertising when the world tunes us out.


Also, check out our customized products page for a variety of items to maximize your brand.



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