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Blankets & Other Textiles

Blankets & Other Textiles

Display Your Company Pride with Embroidered Blankets

Have you ever thought about promoting your business…on a blanket? Many of us bring blankets to outdoor events in the cooler months and use them at the beach or park in the warmer weather. How about sneaking in some promotional opportunities by branding a blanket with your company logo from Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe? Let your brand continue to work for you during your leisure time.

Don’t Freeze at the Games

How many times are you at a soccer, football or baseball game and get cold while sitting on the metal or concrete benches? Having a custom embroidered blanket with your company logo can keep you warm and also show off your company. A quality blanket with your stand-out logo can be a great conversation piece among the other freezing spectators. What about having some extras and lending them to others? You know there is always a chance you won’t get them back, but it’s a way to keep your company name in their minds.

Blankets for the Outdoors

Stop using that worn out, faded towel or sheet that’s been balled up since last summer on your next outdoor excursion. Display an attractive blanket, branded with your logo, while enjoying your day at the beach or park. Do some free advertising and possibly start a dialogue while relaxing on your attractive picnic blanket with water-resistant backing and custom carrying case branded with your logo. There are always opportunities for attention when you have practical and promotional blankets or any items from Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe.

Blankets…Not So Boring After All

Most living rooms across the country have a throw blanket in use, and many of them have embroidery for customization on a variety of fabrics and colors to match the décor. Let Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe show you a variety of items to fill your practical and marketing needs, including embroidered stadium, picnic, or simple throw blankets.

Fleece, silk touch, chenille or mink Sherpa…let us know what blanket works for you and get your name and logo out there while enjoying the outdoors. Check out our customized products page for a variety of items to maximize your brand.


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