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Food & Candy

Take advantage of custom labeling for promotional food products to expand the scope of your brand. Whether for holidays or events, there are always good reasons for goodies, and everyone appreciates a treat. Custom packaging is an excellent way to promote your business at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack-time.

A Perfect Place to Get Punny

Creativity is key when looking for attention, but promotional food labeling provides an excellent opportunity for clever word play. Incorporate the cuisine you customize with the business or industry you’re promoting to incite a chuckle while you sate their appetite. The possibilities are endless when playing off the foods you customize – make good use of the condiments, sides and perfect pairings to boost attention to your brand across the whole menu.

Make Your Market Hungry for Your Business

Keep in mind where your target audience’s preferences lie. Burgers, hot dogs, potato chips and ice cream may appeal to a different audience than fruits, vegetables and salads. You could delve even deeper into demographics and customize promotional food labeling on gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, organic, dairy-free and alcoholic options. Pay close attention to the seasons while promoting food as well. Fall and winter are times when everyone craves pumpkin and cinnamon flavors, but spring and summer inspire a more refreshing cuisine.

Get Set for Events

Planning for corporate or promotional events almost always includes accounting for food and beverages. Be ready to get your name spread to every attendee with custom labeled water bottles, meals, snacks and sweets. Accompanying signs and ads for your business with labels and wrappers everyone will be picking up provides an extra level of assurance that your brand is receiving recognition.

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