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Walking down the street, everyone can be seen carrying a bag in one form or another.

Many of these people will be toting around promotional bags with company names or logos emblazoned across the front. Branded bags promote over 5,500 impressions, making any company stand out from the crowd. Hosting a company retreat? Logoed business, duffle bags and laptop cases make for a memorable corporate gift! Totes and drawstrings are the perfect giveaway for welcome packs at colleges when students are touring campus or walking around a club/job fair. Backpacks with embroidered logos are perfect for on-the-go, whether to haul gym clothes, books or simply to show off.

Customized embroidered bags and totes are useful ways to get your company name noticed. Our wide selection of custom bags makes the perfect complement to any marketing campaign.  Custom promotional bags are easy to order and fun to design! Promotional bags are a great way to heighten your brand and with your logo, turning every customer into an ambassador for your products. Find the right promotional bag for your next event or company gift from our selection of hundreds of types and styles.

Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe specializes in producing promotional items that can be used to attract customers and impress business associates. From plastic bags to cooler bags to backpacks, we have it all.  Ensure your companys convention or tradeshow visibility by printing your logo on personalized promotional bags. The contemporary styling will attract attention to your brand and set your promotional items apart from the other.  Bags are the perfect solution for branded marketing purposes.

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