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Auto, Home & Tools

Save the Day with Promotional Houseware and Auto Accessories

Consumers are always on the go and brands need to be keeping up. Make sure your company is being seen with promotional houseware and automotive accessories. These are the everyday items that clients love to use and come back to time after time. Branded items make an impact and can even help save time and energy.

Automotive Accessories

Customized accessories and products for cars have become the norm with the surge in unlimited possibilities. Start clients off with giveaways such as branded mobile car chargers, wireless speakers, and insulated mugs they can use on the road. Stuck in a pinch? Roadside safety kits and flashlights are always good to have on-hand in case of an emergency. Customizable products for car dealers are also becoming popular, as they hand out new or loyalty client gifts. Branded floor mats and ice scrapers can enhance the company recognition.

Customized Housewares

EmbroidMe/Fully Promoted has various houseware options for your loved ones to make any house into a home. Custom housewares set the bar high when it comes to making an impact. Tape measurers, small tool kits and sticky calendars are good to have around the house and can be customized to fit any budget. Custom glassware, lunch boxes or BBQ sets are the perfect way to express your gratitude and appreciation.

Small tools bearing your logo fortify your company’s identity and help your customers out, in a pinch around the house, when all they need is a screwdriver, a tape measure or another small tool to complete their to-do lists for the weekend. EmbroidMe/Fully Promoted features an array of customized promotional gifts and tools for home and on the road that let your clientele and/or staff know you care.

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