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About Custom Apparel

Custom apparel is designed to create recognition and trust through visibility. EmbroidMe provides subtle advertising logos and designs on a variety of products used for gifts, rewards and recognition to on-site specialists and partners everywhere. These tools provide a wide range of exposure through various networks of entrepreneurs, educational facilities and resource centers.

These designs create custom appeal while enhancing the visibility of commercial ventures, non-profit organizations and relaying information. The casual styles of shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and pullovers increase the versatility and provide extensive opportunities for additional use. These products are easy to pack, easy to carry and offer convenience when traveling. This makes them a valuable advertising tool and a quick source of income.

The extensive options available allow companies and individuals access to an affordable portfolio of quality products that will receive miles of global publicity without the high cost of advertising. These logos and designs offer quick recognition to the population while keeping the ideals and goals of the service in front of the audience. As an extension of the marketing department, these products and services create a stream of visibility and unexpected resources.

On-site specialists create a unique revenue stream on their own. Providing them with company designed custom apparel increases exposure through their daily activities and eventful lives. Whether they are visiting relatives or attending an event with friends, custom designed jackets, hats and coats provide unexpected sources of advertising throughout a range of markets.

EmbroidMe puts custom appeal on individual tastes with color, style and professionalism. Well-tailored logos enhance the convenience of the products by increasing their charm. Ease of use and convenience is important to a quick moving society with global ambitions. A customer visiting your office today may find themselves in Hong Kong tomorrow wearing or using products that carry your logo and designs. This increases your exposure within hours instead of days. Free, continued disclosure is an enviable result with affordable pricing and endless possibilities.