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Work Uniforms

Rather than attempting to enforce a company dress code, a work uniform might be a smarter option. Often, employees choose to wear clothing items are just not suitable for work. The EmbroidMe Resource Center will work with you to create great work uniforms that are perfect for your company.

Loose-Fitting and Inappropriate Outfits are Safety Hazards

Modern clothing can run the gambit and may be quite dangerous for certain work environments. Hanging strands of fabric could easily get caught in machinery for assembly-type positions. Firms that are family-friendly would not want clothing that is too tight-fitting or risque.

While most companies have their own manuals on appropriate clothing for the job, some employees may misinterpret the guidelines. Why not eliminate the gray areas and create your own work uniforms?

Uniforms Create Safer Work Place

Besides complying with government safety guidelines, your work uniform could also be a smart way to create uniformity and branding. If you run a retail store, uniforms will easily identify your team to customers who have questions. This creates the air of professionalism for your organization.

Developing team unity is also a key ingredient for implementing a uniform policy at your organization. High-quality, professional-looking work uniforms are the perfect fit and your employees will be proud to wear them.

Durable Work Uniforms Last for Long Time

EmbroidMe’s professional Resource Centers have specialists with the tools for helping you find the right apparel item for your organization. You can work on the EmbroidMe Apparel Design Studio to see how color, typestyles and patterns work together. Our specialists will work with you to create the work uniform that suits your brand’s personality perfectly.

Save time and energy with the proven experts for work uniforms - EmbroidMe. Contact us to get started and create a better-looking, more professional and safer company environment. Get in touch with an EmbroidMe Resource Center in your neighborhood to create great workwear.