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Choosing a School Uniform

Whether you are thinking of buying a new school uniform for your school or seeking to upgrade your existing uniform, you will have many different kinds and style to choose from.

Here is a review of the most significant things to take into consideration before purchasing your new school uniform:

  • Student Preferences – Although it's common for students to adopt the mindset that it is bad to look like everyone else, there are ways to make school uniforms look more appealing to students. Consider buying a uniform that is cut and shaped to a modern look. Secondly, you can have students involved in the decision-making process by putting certain uniform colors and styles up to a majority vote; this way, you can get students excited about wearing the new uniform
  • Durability – The school board can disappoint parents and students if the uniform chosen is not of high quality, and could possible wear out more quickly. School can be very rough on uniforms, which normally leads to ordinary fabrics tearing and fraying. Uniforms should be able to last a least a couple of years until the child has grown or moved onto a new school. Numerous uniforms today can be purchased with stain resistance, a double knee and double stitching that will make them last for as long as the student needs the uniforms.
  • Climate – Choose a uniform that will be suitable to the climate that students are living in. If it is a colder climate you want to make sure that you order uniforms that have a fabric that will insulate heat and keep the students warm and comfortable. However, if you live in a warmer or tropical climate, you want to make sure that the uniforms will not stifle the students with a fabric that is too heavy and warm.
  • Branding – Embroidered logos are sophisticated, classy and perfect for shirts, which will be worn regularly. If you, however, have a more limited budget, you might want to consider screen printing the school logo or name on he T-shirt so that you can still brands your school uniforms on the uniforms.

School uniforms are the best option for schools. Our impressive selection of uniforms offers an wide range of colors, fabrics and printing techniques that will make your school stand out in a professional manner.