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T-Shirt Design

Have you ever wished that you could design your own t-shirts? Maybe you fantasize about people stopping you on the street and gushing about your shirt, or maybe you just want to make shirts for an organization you belong to or an upcoming event. EmbroidMe gives you the option of designing your own shirts and incorporating the colors and designs that you love. T shirts come in a range of different colors and materials. Shirts made from 100% cotton can go right in the washing machine without you worrying about the material shrinking or fading. Other shirts mix and match cotton with other materials to create shirts that feel luxuriously soft and will withstand everything you do on a given day.

Designing your own tees with EmbroidMe is as easy as one, two three. Start with the artwork or image that you want on your shirt. You can either upload your own image or use the image database to find one you love. Adding a word or phrase is the next step, and you can change the font to one that works with your design. Once you finish designing your shirt, EmbroidMe can turn that design into as many t-shirts as you need for you or your organization.

You probably think that designing your own shirts is hard and takes too much work. Maybe you even tried using an online designer in the past and gave up because the design didn't look the way you wanted. At the EmbroidMe Resource Center, you have the chance to design your own tshirts and get a little help along the way. Sales associates can give you feedback about your design, help you decide on the layout and placement of logos and even give you help going through the database of logos and designs available for your shirt. Stop by your local Resource Center today to get help designing new t shirts.