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Create Lasting Impressions with Custom Knitwear

Is your business in need of corporate gift ideas for the holiday season? Does a client or employee have a birthday coming up? Do you need branded apparel for an upcoming company event? There are many reasons to customize knitwear for your company’s outfitting and promotional needs. Custom knitwear can make great gifts while also promoting your brand and increasing recognition. If you’re looking for cost-effective branded apparel options, consider some of these custom knitwear options that you can find at EmbroidMe.

Sweaters and Cardigans

Knitted sweaters and cardigans are great promotional apparel options for any occasion. Whether you need corporate or casual knitwear, EmbroidMe has countless options that can make your brand stand out. Our knitted sweaters and cardigans come in a variety of different colors and sizes, so there is truly something for every brand. Our durable and light-weight knitted sweaters are sophisticated additions to company uniforms. Custom knitwear in the form of branded cardigans can also be worn out on the golf course with important clients when temperatures are cooler.

Winter Outerwear Accessories

Knitted hats, gloves and scarves that are customized with your company’s name or logo are popular holiday gift options. Employees and customers will appreciate the kind gesture while they are kept warm in the cold winter weather. Branded winter outerwear can allow your brand to be seen at football games and other winter sporting events, as well as around town while your employees or customers are running errands. Knitted hats, gloves and scarves are sure to be worn throughout the colder season and kept for years to come.

Sports Team and Organizational Accessories

EmbroidMe has custom knitwear options for sports teams and company recreational activities to help boost team spirit. Custom socks, for example, can be fun and memorable additions to any type of sports team, from basketball and football to volleyball and hockey. Knitted performance socks are cost-efficient and fun accessories to add to your team’s uniforms. Other knitted sports accessories you can find at EmbroidMe include headbands, wristbands and much more.

Endless Options of Branded Knitwear from EmbroidMe

As leaders in the embroidery industry, EmbroidMe is your source for custom branded knitwear. We have thousands of products and apparel options available to customize with your brand name or logo. Get started today and find your nearest EmbroidMe resource center by entering your zip code in the search bar, or call (877) 877-0234.

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