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Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Embroidered Apparel

Putting the best face forward is essential in protecting your company's public image. The simplest way to make a positive first impression is to outfit your staff in attire that sends a strong message. Custom uniforms and embroidered shirts tell your customers that you stand behind your products and are serious about customer service.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Polo shirts can signal that your organization is fun and casual yet customer focused. A favorite of sales associates, retail employees and customer service staff, polo shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of corporate apparel. These woven shirts can be worn year round and are excellent for advertising your company logo at sporting events, trade shows and conferences.

Embroider your company's logo or slogan on the pocket of your shirts and create instant brand awareness. Your customers will feel confident in your company's professionalism when they see your staff wearing shirts emblazoned with your company's logo.

Embroidered Outerwear and Cotton Shirts

Many companies use embroidered outerwear as incentives for organization members. Order a custom windbreaker, fleece or leather jacket and offer it up as a prize for meeting sales goals. These incentives will help to boost employee morale and give your staff another reason to reach their goals. Embroidered outerwear can be an affordable way to increase company profits while motivating your employees.

Cotton shirts are great for staff uniforms. Long sleeved button up shirts can be an excellent choice for front office positions and those that involve interaction with the public. Long sleeved cotton shirts don't wrinkle easily and are great for unisex uniforms. A favorite of financial institutions, big box retailers and specialty stores, embroidered cotton shirts signal stability and trust. Pair these with accessories like hats, sweaters and vests for a complete uniform solution. Your partners will appreciate your attention to quality.

Ordering your embroidered shirts from EmbroidMe will ensure that you get the best products at the right price. Made from only the finest quality materials and expert production methods, EmbroidMe shirts are the best in class. Think of us as an extension of your marketing department, and we'll work with you to make sure your product fits your vision.

With a vast network of entrepreneurs across the country, you can be assured that there will always be a location nearby to suit your needs. Find an EmbroidMe resource center and get started on your promotional apparel project today.