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  • Rebranding? So Are We: EmbroidMe to Fully Promoted

    Rebranding can be hard to do and can take longer than expected in many cases. However, when a brand starts to evolve their list of services or modernize with the trends, this shift in perspective is sometimes the most crucial for success.

    Over the past few months our company has been going through the process of transitioning from EmbroidMe to Fully Promoted. Our well-known embroidery and promotional product franchise began to expand to the digital marketing space to include the changing needs of our customers. With the addition of full-scale marketing services to our already broad range of garment printing, screen printing and custom embroidery, a rebrand was necessary to keep evolving. Continue reading

  • Show your Appreciation for the Nurses in Your Life with Personalized Gifts

    Honor Thy Nurses with Branded Nurses Week Items

    Nurses are the backbone of our medical world. They are the ones in the trenches taking care of us when we are definitely not at our best. During Nurses Week, reach out to a nurse and thank them for their hard work by giving them a branded gift from Fully Promoted. Have your hospital, clinic or practice personalize an acrylic plaque to distribute to the nurses on your staff. Choose other honorary branded nurses week items such as acrylic paperweights, brass medallions or even crystal awards with a personal message of gratitude for your valuable nurses. Continue reading

  • Engage Youths With Promo Products That Talk To Them

    Customizing promo products for youths is a great way to engage younger audiences and build brand awareness. Youth audiences typically have not developed a sense of personal style and are more likely to use promo products on a regular basis. In general, youth promos should be fun, colorful and purposeful.
  • Fully Promoted Streamlines Your Ordering Process with Company Stores

    Fully Promoted Streamlines Your Process with Company Stores

    Fully Promoted offers company stores to assist your customers’ ordering process. Our online ordering streamlines the ordering process for corporate wear, uniforms, embroidered items or event items that need to be ordered in large volumes. Continue reading

  • Fully Promoted Has Everything for A Successful Brand

    EmbroidMe is Getting a Makeover and Evolving

    EmbroidMe, the top promotional product supplier in the game, has been operating for more than 16 years. After developing a large customer base and an increasing need for additional marketing, the company is getting a makeover. By evolving into Fully Promoted, they are able to offer more diverse products and services and continue to meet the needs of customers. Continue reading

  • Branded Graduation Products for Graduation Classes

    Be Original with Branded Graduation Products

    Don’t compromise with another coffee mug or cup with class of 2019 simply imprinted in a boring font. Go for the cool stuff that your graduates will love and use like branded graduation products. Order some stylish stress relievers for the future college kid or job applicant. Continue reading

  • Female Franchisee Success Stories in Honor of International Women’s Day

    Cristina Bertero and Jo-Anne Reeger are Fully Promoted franchise owners who represent the strong, independent, entrepreneurial spirit that has made female leadership so important in today's competitive business landscape. Their hard work, determination, and creativity also reflects how the Fully Promoted business model helps franchisees of all kinds to realize success on their own terms and make a distinctive impact within their communities. On International Women's Day, Friday, March 8, Fully Promoted, a brand of United Franchise Group, honors their contributions.
  • One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out: Time to Get Ready for Spring Training

    It’s time to get out the ball and glove and head out to the baseball game with the family, but before you do, you will want to promote your brand in the stands too. Promote your brand at spring training on fan memorabilia, stadium seats and sponsored baseball gear or as giveaways to lure in fans. Let your brand stand out and be a part of this All-American sport. Local spring training games and camps are a perfect way to get started.
  • Sell Branded Fundraising Products to Raise Money for your Next Event

    Branded Fundraising Products like Candy and Bottled Water

    Many groups sell branded fundraising products to raise money, so why not try it for your next fundraising venture? Selling Skittles, Hershey kisses or jelly beans in bags imprinted with your charity logo and website is a great way to get donations. Continue reading

  • Love Your Pet Day – Personalized Pet Products

    Show Off Your Pet with Personalized Pet Products

    Outside of love and affection, there is no better way to show the love for a pet than personalized pet products for them. It not only makes a pet feel special but it also lets others know how special your pet is to you. Continue reading

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