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EmbroidMe Company - Testimonials
  • Good morning Kim The passport covers came out great! I was very pleased with them. I truly appreciate the work that you all do. Ronda
  • Good Morning Kim. The smocks turned out terrific. I like the simple logo which is highly visible on the dark color fabric. They are very durable. I appreciate your follow up and we will call you again. Have a good day!
  • Good Morning – Everything was wonderfully done and the volunteers have enjoyed their polos. Thank you for your help with these items along the way!
  • I wanted to THANK YOU and Embroidme for the outstanding IRBBA Jacket. The embroidery was excellent and the jacket did indeed fit.
  • Just wanted to say that we were delighted with your service and with the t-shirts – I will keep your information on hand if we do this again next year – And especially thanks for all the short notice and add-ons after the fact – have a great day
  • Thank you so much. The order forms will be going out at both schools on Monday. THANK YOU!!!!!!! For everything. If I don’t tell you enough you guys are awesome and amazing.
  • Thanks so much! They were great as always!
  • You guys made me 2 shirts the other day. One was marry me?" and the other was "yes!!" t went well.. a picture is attached with us in the shirts afterwards... I wore the "yes!!" shirt over top of the "marry me?" shirt. After she said "Yes!!" i took off the "Yes!!" shirt, revealing the "marry me?" shirt underneath. We wore the shirts around st. louis all day with our friends tagging along. thanks guys!"