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Which Summer Promotional Items to Pack in your Picnic Basket

Cool Promotional Products For Winter TradeshowsFrom over-the-top feasts to simple pick-ups, picnics are the perfect way to celebrate summer. The National Park Service welcomes 275 million visitors each year, many of them spending the day hiking and picnicking. From over-the-top feasts to simple pick-ups, picnics are the perfect way to celebrate summer. Make sure your message makes an appearance at these outdoor summertime meals. Stay trendy and extend your marketing campaign outdoors with customized promotional items you can pack for your picnic. While bringing food is a given, there are also other supplies that will make your picnic more comfortable and more fun. Before you go on your next picnic, make sure you have each of the supplies listed below so that you can enjoy your picnic to its fullest extent. Blanket Unless you want insects getting the first serving of your sandwich, blankets are the foundation (literally) to a picnic. Ranging in color, size, pattern and texture, a personalized blanket will make a summer statement for your business with a long, useful life. Picnic Basket There is no picnic without the picnic basket. Although a square wicker basket is the traditional go-to solution, practicality is in; so keep your food and drinks cool with a personalized portable cooler. The tailgate tote cooler helps keep your food fresh, and drinks cool so you can experience that aha moment when sipping your sparkling water. Hand Sanitizer Germs are everywhere. No one wants to have post-BBQ sticky fingers or greasy digits from the salty chips you just munched on. As much as we would love to snack the entire time, we all know that eating is not the only activity we engage in. Whether you are holding the hand of your significant other, or throwing that Frisbee across the field, hygiene is vital for your best performance. Free your fingers by packing customized hand sanitizer. Koozie or Drink Holder Your beautiful picnic just turned into a subliminal marketing strategy for your company as the people sip from their sodas in a decked out Koozie. Dress your beverage with a personalized wine holder, beer blanket or sweet iced tea drink holder that promotes your business in a practical way. Keep hydrated and stay cool with a customized Koozie. Sunscreen With the summer sun kicking in full swing, there is no better time to have your business support the rising importance of skin protection. A picnic without protection can potentially be a disaster. You can show others you care by lending them some customized sunscreen to prevent the day after burns.