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When is the Best Time to Order Promotional Products?

Why Order Promotional Products in Q4?

Whether your brand has an upcoming event or not, you should still know the best time is to order promotional products. Keeping extra promotional products on hand to use as customer giveaways, employee gifts or general marketing purposes is a great way to increase brand awareness. However, every business or organization has a schedule and budget to stick to that may be preventing you from ordering extra promotional products, regardless of the time of year. Promotional products already offer a great return on investment (ROI), and if ordered at the right time of year, you could be getting even more bang for your buck. Here is why October through December is the best time to order promotional products.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Sales!

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are bound to be sales that you can take advantage of, which come in handy when you’re ordering bulk promotional products. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for example, happen to be two of the biggest sale days of the year and fall within the last quarter. Use this time to stock up on promotional products that you can use all year long while getting them at significant discounts.

Avoid Last-Minute Ordering and Save Money

As if the sales weren’t enough, here’s another money-saving reason why you should order promotional products in the last quarter. When you wait to order promotional items or marketing material for events until the last minute, you’ll end up paying more for expedited shipping and other services to make sure your products are ready on time. Avoid the last-minute stress and expenses and order your marketing and promotional products in Q4 so you’re prepared for what the following year has in store.

Put Your Budget Surplus to Good Use

If you are fortunate enough to have money left over from your marketing budget at the end of the year, why not put it to good use, especially when you can save money? Having extra promotional items on hand is a great use of extra marketing dollars, and they can contribute to existing marketing efforts, increasing the ROI of campaigns that you have already implemented.

Who Should You Order From?

Whenever you order promotional products, make sure you order from EmbroidMe. We are the world’s largest promotional products and embroidery franchise and with over a decade of experience, we are uniquely qualified to handle all of your brand’s promotional marketing needs. We have hundreds of resource centers worldwide, making it easy for any business to see and order customized promotional products in store, so you can feel confident about the items showcasing your brand. Find your closest resource center by visiting our website or calling (877) 877-0234 and talk to a promotional marketing specialist today!