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Top 5 Runway Trends to Try Today

The runway isn't all about impractical feather dresses and silly hats nobody would ever actually wear. In fact, some of the trends are quite wearable - at least, if you scale them down for everyday life. With a new year comes new trends, and this year's are particularly fun. If you're fashion-minded but don't know how to bring clothes from the runway to the sidewalk, here are a few trends making waves in 2013, along with some advice on how to make them wearable:

  1. Colorful metallics. Sayonara, silver and gold! 2013's metallics are bright and bold. Think the colors of the season, but in metallic form. Of course, tossing on a metallic mini dress or a pair of jeans can be a bit much for your day-to-day life. Instead, look for custom embroidery on skirts and shirts in eye-catching and colorful metallics.
  2. Layered custom embroidery. Chanel brought an otherworldly look to the runways for Spring 2013. The sheer panels bedecked with embroidery printing gave a lush, layered look to otherwise-basic silhouettes. This dreamy-yet-lush look is easy to replicate with sheer layers and a bit of custom embroidery.
  3. Monochrome madness. While color blocking is still wearable, monochrome looks could be your best bet this spring. Think white-on-white screen printing and embroidery. It gives your monochrome outfit an interesting texture while still keeping the chic styling of a single-color look.
  4. Upscale casual. Don't put away your pencil skirts just yet. Spring 2013 takes some of last year's polish and ruffles it up a bit. Rather than primly-pressed skirts and shirts, this spring's fashion is all about adding a bit of mess and personality. Get that perfectly imperfect look with slightly off-kilter custom embroidery.
  5. Unique patterns and prints. From checkerboards to bees, unique and bold patterns are popping up everywhere. This is where embroidery printing really shines, since you can use the technique to add your own unique flair to any garment. Pair your quirky prints with solids in various colors to ensure that your outfit doesn't fly off the rails into Crazy Town.

This spring's runway trends may seem unwearable, when it fact, it merely takes a bit of creative adaptation and imagination to make them work. Toning down a trend with solid colors and basic pieces is a great way to bring a bit of the runway with you everywhere you go.