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TLS Veterans Win Customized T-shirts from EmbroidMe

Despite being in existence for more than 20 years, not many people knew about TLS Veterans and the services they offer. TLS Veterans is a nonprofit agency focused on offering veterans in need and their families the services necessary to experience hope and achieve success. 

Since 2001, TLS Veterans has owned and operated a 20-bed transitional shelter for homeless veterans looking to rebuild their lives. In 2011 they expanded opening a walk-in resource center for veterans and their families which provides peer support, employment assistance, housing assistance and a food pantry. Last year they have assisted more than 700 veterans throughout McHenry, Lake and surrounding counties in Illinois.

Now they hope to spread the word about all they do with the help of EmbroidMe. Earlier in the year Laura Franz, the Executive Director at TLS Veterans took a chance and entered EmbroidMe’s contest to win 100 customized t-shirts.

Because TLS Veterans has to make every dollar donated count, they have been unable to provide branded shirts to their volunteers and employees to help promote their cause.  This donation, according to Laura Franz, would allow TLS Veterans to kick-start their recognition that comes with seeing their branded shirts out in the community. The agency plans on selling the donated shirts, thereby creating a fund to purchase even more shirts and further increase their name recognition.

“We have been trying every avenue to reach veterans in need, and this is a significant way to reach those who may not see us via our other efforts. This t-shirt donation is a gift that will keep giving via the lives that are reached,” said Laura Franz.  To learn more about TLS Veterans and their programs, visit their website.

EmbroidMe’s Commitment to the Community

EmbroidMe and its parent company, the United Franchise Group, are proud to be awarding TLS Veterans 100 customized shirts, thanking them for supporting and assisting our veterans! This is just one example of EmbroidMe’s passion to give back to the community.  Whether it is raising money or volunteering for a worthy cause, community service is an integral part of our brand. To learn more about EmbroidMe, visit our website.