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Supporting Staff Safety with Promotional Safety Items

first aid kitThe National Safety Council has declared June National Safety month. National Safety Month focuses on reducing injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities. You can raise awareness by engaging in safe behavior and most importantly, marketing your business as a supporter of safety in the workplace through personalized safety gear. The 2015 National Safety Months theme is What I Live For with the underlying mission of raising awareness in communities where we live and work about the importance of safety. How do we do that? Well this is a great time to update safety-training manuals, reward workers with excellent safety records and visit the National Safety Council Website for various safety materials. During the month of June, employers will participate in or sponsor a number of safe community events. EmbroidMe provides various promotional safety items your business can choose from to raise awareness this June. Try branded reflective apparel and hard hats, back support belts, first-aid kits and sunscreen to promote the importance of safety in the workplace. Personalized flashlights and keychain lights will keep everyone safe during summer storm power outages. Having your business align with the National Safety Councils mission can reflect positively on the principles of your business.