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Steer Your Brand to Easy Promotion with Automotive Promotional Products

Businesses of all industries can capitalize on the branding power of automotive promotional products. Automotive promotional products drive brand awareness, as they can be essential to every driver and create impressions wherever your prospective customers may go. All business in the automotive industry, from used car dealers to luxury car sales and repair shops, can especially benefit from utilizing an array of promotional products in their marketing campaigns. These branded items can be your prospective customers’ constant companion through daily commutes or road trips, and they make for signature thank-you gifts after your clients have left the lot. Below are our top automotive promotional products you will want prospective customers to have when they hit the road.

License Plate Frames

Once customers put a license plate frame on their car, they tend to forget about it, allowing it to be visible wherever they go for years. This type of consistent promotion gives your company easy impressions as people from every walk of life are exposed to your branding.


Car Magnet Phone Mount

Magnetic phone and GPS mounts are a convenient and safe way for drivers to keep track of directions while keeping both hands on the wheel. They also offer an easy way for people to keep up with a phone conversation without missing a beat or listen to podcasts and music while on-the-go. With no sign of technology slowing down, automotive promotional products that pair with mobile devices will be in the hands of customers for a long time.

Magnetic Phone Mount

Trunk Organizer

Customize a trunk organizer so your clients can easily store travel items, grocery bags or emergency kits without all the clutter. Trunk organizers are equipped with easily customizable large compartments and pockets as an extremely practical item that lives in the car.

Trunk Organizer

Emergency Roadside Kit

An emergency kit is essential for every driver. Outfit your prospective customers’ emergency kit with all the necessary tools they will need in a roadside emergency. Branded items such as flashlights, screwdrivers, duct tape, first aid supplies, tire pressure gauges and booster cables will come to your customers’ rescue and remind them you have their best interest in mind.

Roadside Kit

USB Car Charger

USB car chargers are perfect for those who need to plug in and charge their devices while travelling. USB car chargers are cost-effective, staple items that can be customized with your business’s unique design.

USB Car Charger


Rev Up Your Marketing Campaign with EmbroidMe

Allow your brand to be showcased to customers near and far by branding automotive promotional products through EmbroidMe. The world’s largest promotional products franchise, EmbroidMe is well versed in choosing the right promotional products to make lasting impressions in each distinctive industry. For knowledgeable insight into products that will help customers remember your business, contact your nearest EmbroidMe resource center. Call (877) 877-0234 or visit our homepage to find your local team of EmbroidMe specialists.