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Spread Awareness with Promotional Products for Fundraising

Spread Awareness with Promotional Products for Fundraising

Finding the best way to fundraise and stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. Many nonprofit organizations use promotional products for fundraising to raise awareness for their cause or special event. Promotional products allow your organization or company’s brand to be seen by a wide array of people in the community and beyond. At cost-effective prices, promotional products can build vital fundraising revenue for organizations to reach their goals. EmbroidMe, one of the world’s largest promotional products franchises, has many options when it comes to raising awareness with promotional products for fundraising.

Decals, Labels and Bumper Stickers

Customized decals and labels will raise awareness for your organization while your supporters are on-the-go. Promotional bumper stickers and labels are popular products that are simple and quick to create using your brand’s logo or event name. People love to show creative logo stickers for causes or organizations they care about by placing them on cars, laptops, luggage bags and more.

cause ribbon

Water Bottles and Sunglasses for Outdoor Fundraisers

Promotional products for fundraising should reflect your organization’s cause or come in handy at an event. If your company is looking to spread awareness at a 5k run, tailgate event or concert, choose promotional products that will be useful to individuals right away. Promotional products, such as branded sunglasses, mini sunscreen bottles, towels, mini handheld fans and water bottles, will provide relief during outdoor events in the warm spring and summer months. These useful promotional products can also offer revenue for your company if you are looking to sell them to raise funds.

water bottle

Branded Tote Bags and Backpacks

People may accumulate different reading materials, business cards and miscellaneous products while attending fundraisers, and they will need somewhere to put all of these things. Branded tote bags and backpacks will offer attendees a convenient way to take home their belongings and continue seeing your brand long after the event is over. Customized tote bags are great giveaways to ensure people do not leave empty-handed. Your team can further stock tote bags with other promotional items, like branded mugs, pens or lip balm, thanking people for contributing to your company’s fundraiser or event.

drawstring bag

Team Up with EmbroidMe for Your Next Fundraiser

Partner with an onsite specialist at your local EmbroidMe resource center to develop unique and memorable promotional products for fundraising. EmbroidMe is a trusted name in the promotional products industry, offering strategic branding ideas for products that will target your audience and help you raise funds for your event or cause. To speak with an EmbroidMe specialist about the advantages and options of promotional products for fundraising, call (877) 877-0234 or find your nearest store by visiting our website.