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Rebranding? So Are We: EmbroidMe to Fully Promoted

Rebranding can be hard to do and can take longer than expected in many cases. However, when a brand starts to evolve their list of services or modernize with the trends, this shift in perspective is sometimes the most crucial for success.

Over the past few months our company has been going through the process of transitioning from EmbroidMe to Fully Promoted. Our well-known embroidery and promotional product franchise began to expand to the digital marketing space to include the changing needs of our customers. With the addition of full-scale marketing services to our already broad range of garment printing, screen printing and custom embroidery, a rebrand was necessary to keep evolving.

new-logoOur Rebranding Process

As our stores began rebranding, the process took place in multiple parts. The stores first began co-branding. This included changing logos from “EmbroidMe” to “EmbroidMe Is Becoming Fully Promoted.” This allowed the process to start taking place, while giving customers the chance to get to know the new name. Keeping the company colors scheme similar, blue and white, helped for marketing and branding purposes.

As a few months passed, the “EmbroidMe Is Becoming Fully Promoted” logo, became “EmbroidMe Is Now Fully Promoted.” Both names remained in the logo, so clients could still recognize and continue getting used to the new branding. As this rolled out, new marketing and promotional materials with Fully Promoted branding began to appear in the stores to help to promote the new brand. On social media, stores have begun to change their names to reflect the brand change.

The final step of a store’s rebrand is updating the sign in front of their storefront as well as any indoor signage. Any in-house business materials such as business cards, letterheads, email addresses or websites should also reflect the new company name.

Red seal and imprint "BRAND" corrected to "REBRANDING!" on white surface. Isolated. 3D Illustration

What We Learned About Rebranding

After a two-year rebrand, EmbroidMe is now Fully Promoted. With any rebrand, there will be some bumps in the road, and sticking to the vision while working with the entire team and network of stores to keep open communication is the key to making it successful in the end.

Here are some helpful hints we learned from our rebrand:

  • Changing names on social media channels will take some finesse and patience. Make sure you have evidence to back-up the need for rebranding.
  • Taking the process one step at a time and explaining each step not only to the owners but to the clients will make the transition smoother.
  • The rebrand will be easier to recognize by keeping the old name, color scheme or logo similar and prevalent throughout the transition period.

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