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Personalized Holiday Cards and Gifts from EmbroidMe

West Palm Beach, FL, November 2, 2010 Tis the season for giving. With the holidays approaching and the spirit of giving in the air, nothing shows appreciation to employees and clients better than a personalized card or gift. Not only do corporate cards and gifts show gratitude to the people who have made an impact on business throughout the year, they are excellent tools to foster strong working relationships and encourage repeat business. Gifts to employees show that they are valued and appreciated as individuals and recognizes their performance and achievements. EmbroidMe offers a large variety of personalized gifts which will continue to cultivate goodwill long after the holiday season is over. The experts at EmbroidMe facilitate the process of selecting items that are in line with the corporate culture and budget from an assortment of more than 800,000 promotional productsall available for branding with logos and messages. EmbroidMe also carries greeting cards that can be personalized with the company name and logo to get the right message across. Some popular gift choices for clients include personalized desk sets, gift baskets, calendars, mugs filled with goodies, picture frames, sports blankets and personalized apparel. Such useful items will keep the company logo in front of your clients and will be a constant reminder of the brand throughout the year. EmbroidMe helps organizations solidify and build their brands through a number of services and products, specifically custom embroidered apparel, screen printing services, and promotional products. By helping you establish and maintain a personalized online store, EmbroidMe makes it possible to order official logo/name materials at your convenience. About EmbroidMe: With more than 400 retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing, as well as promotional products, to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit: