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Perfect Pet Products for Your Next Promotion

Man's best friend just might be your brand's best promotional platform.

After all, pet owners love their animals and treat them just like family (sometimes even better). According to the American Pet Products Association, we spent approximately $58.5 billion on our furry friends in 2014.

From Instagram to Facebook and Youtube, popular pups draw hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views.

Clever marketers are already capitalizing on this thriving market, using pet-centered events and promotional leashes, collars and apparel to make a lasting impression with consumers.

Can your company cash in with pet promotions?

Let's find out.

It's All About the Niche

Pet-centered promotional products are a niche offering-something we've spoken about in previous posts.

Niche offerings can be a home run with the right crowd, but they won't necessarily work for everyone. For example, a financial advisor or tax attorney might not get much of a response giving away branded dog leashes, while other niche offerings (such as golf gear) could make them a fortune. It's all about who your company is and what you're trying to say.

At the same time, pet products provide a uniquely flexible niche.

"There is an emotional bond between people and their pets," explains the co-owner of Promopet, a pet marketing specialist. "It's that emotional bond that really is the core of advertising."

So you don't have to be in the pet industry to cash in on that relationship.

By tapping into that emotional bond between people and their pets, you can improve your brand recognition and perception while creating positive experiences for your customers.

You can use pet promos to make special events even more special. For example, Wellness Natural Pet Foods sponsored a celebrity pup's Halloween Party, giving away 100 "wellness" packages with pet treats, water bowls, tumblers and coupons.

The Most Popular Pet Promos

So which pet promotions work the best?

Once again it depends on your company and your marketing goals, but simple gifts like branded leashes and bandanas are some of the most popular and cost-effective. Food scoops, shirts and scarves are also relatively common.

Just like their owners, dogs and cats prefer promo items that are useful and durable, but there's also the cute factor to consider.

Additionally, you can create unique package gifts by adding in a few human gifts (such as tumblers) to make the experience even more special.

At the end of the day, most pet owners will look very positively on promotional gifts their animals receive.

Who's Cashing in on Pet Promos?

It should come as no surprise that pet food companies are making a fortune on pet promos.

By giving away pet food measuring scoops and other items, they're able to convey a wholesome, health-conscious image that's great for their brand. They're also showing up at adoption events and fairs with stacks of adorable branded bandanas.

Pet pharmaceutical companies are also aggressive users of pet promotions. Since they're not constrained by the same marketing regulations as regular pharmaceutical companies, they're using pet promos to raise brand recognition and fight for Fido's business.

But things are just getting started.

With the growing success of pet promotions, local non-profits are beginning to tap into the market, building sympathy and reminding donors of their ongoing commitment.

Pet-related offerings are also a great way to stimulate social media business, like offering free bandanas with a hashtag printed in the corner. A quirky campaign with employees and customers sharing adorable pet pictures could be great for a variety of businesses.

More than A "Dog and Pony Show"

Marketing strategies are always changing and evolving in the social media age. There's constant pressure from the competition to break out with something exciting and new and pet-centered promotions might provide just that for your business.

By tapping into one of your customers' most positive and trusting relationships, you can elevate brand recognition, improve relationships and create memorable experiences that make for lifelong customers.

So if you want to start your own pet promotion (or see whether it would work for you), EmbroidMe has 300 resource centers nationwide staffed with knowledgeable professionals who can help you with every step of the process.

Visit our home page to find a resource center, or call (877) 877-0234 today to get started!