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  • Frankston EmbroidMe Wins The Presidents Award

    Frankston EmbroidMe Wins The Presidents Award

    FRANKSTON, VIC (April 2008) – EmbroidMe, a full-service custom embroidery, screen-printing, promotional products and personalized gifts franchise, has given its top honor to Nancy and Pete Bloomfield. The award was given at World Expo 2008, the industry’s largest privately-held vendor tradeshow in Orlando, Florida.

    “The President’s Award is given for outstanding contribution to the growth of the EmbroidMe franchise network around the world and for exceptional sales, quality products, exemplary customer service and for being a team player,” states Ray Titus, CEO. “We are honoured to receive this award because now being the best in the world belongs to Frankston,” says Nancy Bloomfield.

    EmbroidMe Frankston is responsible for re-kindling the “I Love Frankston” community spirit several years ago and continues to be supportive of the town. They are a principal sponsor of the Frankston Business Chamber and Pete sits on the Frankston Tourism Executive Committee. Additionally, they sponsor the Frankston Football Club.

    For more information on EmbroidMe Frankston, contact Nancy or Pete at (03) 9781 0444 or visit their store at 10 -12 Olsen Street, Frankston.

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  • New Online Catalog Feature for Embroidme Customers

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (December 3, 2008) – EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, announces a new online electronic catalog feature that will greatly enhance the viewing experience for customers with unique perspectives of products, unlike anything else in the industry.

    Until now, EmbroidMe’s extensive catalog selection was available only in hard copy. For the first time, customers can see it online. Additionally, enhanced features will allow each customer’s individual logo image to be super-imposed on individual embroidered products and promotional items. Customers can see exactly what their finished product will look like with their distinct logo. This advanced system will also enable franchise owners to use a personalized catalog link to send the electronic document directly to their customers, with the customer’s logo displayed on the products inside the catalog.

    “This is an exciting advancement in our ability to give our customers the service they need. As we work to serve as consultants and help our customers grow their businesses, we can use this tool to explore additional advertising solutions,” said EmbroidMe President, Mark Johnson.

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For franchise information on EmbroidMe, please call (800)727-6720 x1368 or to locate the store near you visit

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  • Expo South's Big Pitch

    Expo South's Big PitchFor many franchise owners, Franchise Expo South at the Miami Beach Convention Center is one of the most important industry shows of the year, allowing them to pitch their businesses to prospective franchisees.

    “The reason we do this show is because we’re strong in South Florida,” said Jaime Remond, national sales director for Hollywood-based OXXO Care Cleaners, an environmentally friendly dry cleaner and laundromat franchise. “Every year, we sell stores from the show.”

    OXXO has had an exhibition at Expo South for each of the show’s three years. When the fourth annual show takes place Jan. 15-17, OXXO is scheduled to be there again.

    The 2009 expo attracted about 225 exhibitors from 38 countries and more than 8,600 visitors, said Joel Goldstein, group marketing director for MFV Expositions, the Paramus, N.J.-based company that owns the expo. In late December, Goldstein said he was expecting about 200 exhibitors for the 2010 event.

    Expo South is one of three major shows MFV produces, Goldstein said. The others are in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. Expo South caters to the southeastern U.S., as well as foreign visitors who may want to open a franchise in Latin America or the Caribbean, Goldstein said.

    Franchise growth in Latin America

    Latin America is experiencing robust growth in franchising, which makes Expo South increasingly more important, noted Alisa Harrison, spokeswoman for the Washington, D.C,-based International Franchise Association, which promotes the expo for MFV. Brazil, for instance, is expected to have a 14.5 percent increase in sales of franchise units in 2010, she said.

    “International business is one big reason we do this show in Miami,” said Ray Titus, CEO of West Palm Beach-based United Franchise Group. “Some of the biggest [Latin American] markets are still available.”

    United Franchise is the holding company for five franchise brands, including Signarama and EmbroidMe. Among all its brands, United Franchise has about 1,400 stores in 55 countries and about $500 million in systemwide sales, Titus said.

    United Franchise has exhibited at Expo South every year, and it plans to exhibit four of its brands at the 2010 show, Titus said. The company has sold franchises every year at the expo, he noted.

    Exhibitors pay about $4,400 for a 10-by-10 booth. Larger booths are available for more money, Goldstein said.

    For the whole weekend, tickets cost the general public $30, but the expo offers many free tickets through promotional campaigns, he said.

    Seminars offer insights

    Potential franchise owners can rub elbows with exhibitors, and attend seminars that cover topics such as how to finance a franchise.

    For prospective franchisees, the expo offers the best opportunity to learn about a franchise because of the interpersonal contact, Goldstein said.

    Because of tight lending and the economy, the past year has been very challenging for prospective franchisees, Goldstein said. Even so, significant interest remains because of the well-established franchise model and the fact that many who are out of work want to go into business for themselves.

    “Franchising is a great way to get into your own business,” Titus said.

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  • Embroidme Helps Small Businesses Weather the Recession With Cost-Effective Strategies and Solutions

    West Palm Beach, FL- EmbroidMe, Inc., the world’s largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, is offering cost-effective options to small businesses, helping them continue to effectively promote and build their business during the current economic downturn. EmbroidMe has over 800,000 cost-effective promotional products perfect for helping businesses build their brand and make a lasting impression.

    Whether used as give-a-ways or marketing items, EmbroidMe’s promotional products not only promote your company, but increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a tradeshow booth, increase sales and more. From pens, to coffee mugs, to mouse pads, it’s never been more convenient or cost-effective to get your company’s name out there.

    The EmbroidMe team of experts will work with you to determine the best promotional product solution to promote your company’s image. And, because EmbroidMe is the largest franchise retailer of promotional products, they have something for everyone at any budget. In addition to a variety of promotional products, EmbroidMe also offers embroidered corporate apparel and personalized gifts to further build visibility and brand awareness for your company.

    About EmbroidMe:

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit: Follow us on Twitter at:

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  • Passing Comment Leads To New Business

    An offhand remark can change lives.

    Passing Comment Leads To New Business

    That’s the case with Jack Westermeyer and Denise Dobbeck, a Bel Air couple who opened an EmbroideMe franchise in the downtown business district in October of 2009.

    In late 2008, with the country descending into recession and the subsequent decline in auto sales, Dobbeck wasn’t too surprised to learn she had been laid off from her job selling imported cars.

    “I was just putzing around the house and Jack said, kind of joking, that I should go on the Internet and find a franchise,” she said.

    Westermeyer, an automotive instructor at Sollers Point Technical High School and retired Baltimore County police officer, said, “I had owned businesses in the past, so I told her to go online and find something, and that I wouldn’t lay her off.

    “I came home and she dragged me into the office. I had bought her an embroidery machine five years before. This opportunity took her hobby and franchised it. We investigated, fell in love with it and here we are. It was only nine months from her finding the franchise to writing the check,” he said.

    Their store in the Terlyn Shopping Center at 15 E. Churchville Road in Bel Air is Harford County’s first EmbroideMe store. In 1,600 sq. ft., the couple carries in-store clothing samples so clients can see what the company is capable of producing. All art is digitized to ensure the finished product, whether it’s a simple one-color logo or a complicated full-color image, is crisp and identical to the original.

    Digitization, Dobbeck explained, is the process of converting artwork into commands that can be read by an embroidery machine’s computer. She said, “He does the computer, I set up the machine.”

    One unique feature of the EmbroideMe franchise is the company’s Web site, which permits individual franchise locations to offer their clients online sales

    Westermeyer said, “If they have 50 employees and they hire someone new and they need uniforms, they can put a link on their Web site to pull up a page, see the sizes and colors and order everything right from there.”

    Eric Adams, an EmbroidMe technical representative, was at the Bel Air store recently, having made a trip to help Westermeyer better understand some of the company’s proprietary software. He said he visits each store at least once per month and is on call to help with specific issues.

    Soon after joining the franchise, the couple was invited to join an informal mentoring group of EmbroideMe owners, organized by owners of the area’s eight other EmbroideMe locations.

    “When we were looking at the franchise, the regional sales manager took us to area stores. I saw how close those owners were. We’re not in competition. We share ideas. We look at their sew outs and they look at ours,” Westermeyer said. The couple’s store hosted the owner’s group in Bel Air. Jan. 12.

    The couple chose their downtown location very carefully. Westermeyer said, “Everybody has to pass us. If they want to go into Bel Air, they see us. We have a prime site and we never turn off the sign.”

    Westermeyer takes his turn running the business after teaching. During weekdays, operations are handled by Dobbeck, her mother Bobbye Helfand and Robin Schmidt, a workstudy student from C. Milton Wright High School. The couple is seeking a full-time outside business-to-business sales rep to complete their staff.

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  • Embroidme Increases SEO by Launching Social Networking Campaign

    West Palm Beach, FL- EmbroidMe, Inc., the world’s largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, has launched an aggressive social networking campaign in an effort to strengthen brand awareness and increase search engine optimization efforts. The company has found success by incorporating social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube into its new campaign.

    These social media platforms allow EmbroidMe to build brand awareness by announcing company news and events, promoting specials and sales, and updating consumers on its products. This strategy has helped position the company as a full-service custom embroidery and screen printing franchise that offers promotional products, personalized gifts and much more. In addition to growing the brand, EmbroidMe’s social networking campaign has increased its organic search engine optimization results on the Web, which is coupled with an effective Pay Per Click campaign.

    “We felt that it was incredibly important to join the social networking conversation and engage in the discussion. This campaign has enabled EmbroidMe to tap into new markets, increase customers and sales, and continue to build the brand,” says an Embroidme Representative.

    About EmbroidMe:

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit: Follow us on Twitter at:

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  • Focus on EmbroidMe Valdosta

    VALDOSTA — For Brian Foskey, family is very important.

    Since opening EmbroidMe the week before Christmas, Foskey’s family — including his wife and his father-in-law, who is a primary investor in the shop — has been helping him run the new embroidery and promotional products shop.

    According to Foskey, EmbroidMe is the largest embroidery, promotional products and T-shirt printing company in the world.

    “It’s a franchise,” Foskey said. “We’re locally owned and operated, like all of the other EmbroidMe shops.”

    While the shop specializes in embroidery on a vast variety of items, such as polo shirts, bags and things likes letterman jackets, Foskey is quick to point out that they also offer business promotional products.

    Ranging from pens to keychains, businesses can come in and order products with their company name and logo on it.

    “We want businesses to come in,” Foskey said.

    Q: How did you decide to open up EmbroidMe and get into the embroidery business?

    A: I was in the restaurant industry and I was trying to find something different. The job market was so bad (that) we decided we could create our own job. I thought this was something I could enjoy doing. We get the products and are able to bring that all together and deliver the finish product to the customer. That’s good to see.

    Q: How has business been since opening up in middle December?

    A: Business has been good. The beginning of the year, not so good, but as soon as March 1 hit, they started coming in (more). (We had) a lot of quotes with it being the end of the month and quite a few turned into orders.

    Q: Out of all the products you have and services you offer, what do you sell the most of? Which is the easiest to do?

    A: The business to business left chest logo is what we sell the most of. Polo shirts are the easiest. The garment printing is pretty easy to do and we are able to turn that around a lot quicker than the embroidery.

    Q: What other kinds of services does EmbroidMe have?

    A: We do sports apparel. That’s a market we haven’t gotten into in Valdosta and I know there’s a lot of people that do that here. We also do bags, totebags and briefcases.

    Q: Do you ever get weird requests for things on T-shirts or other items?

    A: Yeah, sometimes I get somebody (who says) ‘Can you put anything on a T-shirt’ and I say, ‘Well, not anything. I have a moral code, but you know, that’ll cost extra.’ (laughs)

    EmbroidMe Valdosta
    Address: 1900 Gornto Road, Suite G, Valdosta
    Phone: (229) 588-3411
    Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment

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  • Expo Award Winners 2009 World Expo

    Congratulations to Our Award Winning Franchisees

    Expo Award Winners 2009 World Expo

    Hall of Fame

    Brian & Jill Dawson - Roseville, MN
    Roch & Leslie Lalande - Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
    Russell & Wendy Hearnden & Kevin Lackey - Malaga, WA, UA
    Scott & Diane Pawenski - Poughkeepsie, NY
    Walter Miska - Chelmsford, MA

    Millionaire’s Club

    Kevin McCashion & Dan Satre, Albany, NY
    James Lee, Mississauga, ONT

    President’s Awards

    Dan & Janis Hamari, Appleton, WI
    Matt & Karren Fitzpatrick, North Sydney, NSW, AU

    Most Valuable Players

    Carol Geryk, Kingsville, TX

    Mentor of the Year

    Pete & Nancy Bloomfield, Frankston, VIC, AU

    Team Player Awards

    KC & Bob Packard, Herndon, VA
    Ron & Charma Weinstein, Las Vegas, NV

    Rookie of the Year

    Ashley Whitworth, West Perth, WA, AU

    Master of the Year

    Raphael Nunez, Master Franchisor Spain

    Best Resale/Overall Improvement

    James Lee, Mississauga, CAN
    Leslie Simensen, Frederick, MD

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  • Let Embroidme Help Schedule Your Future Promotions

    Brand Your Image on Customers’ Walls for 12 Months

    West Palm Beach, FL- Calendars are not just for writing appointments on anymore, it’s a great way to get your brand noticed. Ninety-eight percent of all homes have at least one calendar; they can be found in the kitchen, next to the phone, in the bedroom, on the fridge, in a purse or wallet, in the garage or in the computer room. At work, they are on a mouse pad, a desk blotter, a wall, the weekly planner and the list goes on! There is no better way for you to obtain customized promotional calendars than with the expertise of EmbroidMe.

    “Many people do not recognize the value of promotional products, however calendars, specifically, provide a high impression value at a low cost,” said an Embroidme Representative. “Calendars create the lasting impression for your brand throughout the whole year,” states an Embroidme Representative.

    Have you ever wondered how many people see a calendar in one month? The average calendar is viewed 12 to14 times per day! Furthermore, 58% of ALL promotional calendars are used for more than six months. Your message is in front of everyone who views the calendar; that can happen 3 to 20 times everyday, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    The high-impression, low-cost ratio doesn’t stop with views. In a recent study, 84% of respondents were able to identify the advertiser who sent the calendar, and 62% indicated they had done business with the advertiser after receiving the item. “We are constantly creating ways to help businesses grow and build their brand, while making a lasting impression. With thousands of options to choose from at EmbroidMe, it has never been more convenient, cost effective and environmentally conscious to put your company’s name out there,” states an Embroidme Representative.

    EmbroidMe, Inc., the world’s largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, offers more than 800,000 promotional and apparel products. Whether choosing embroidered apparel, client gifts, incentive awards or employee prizes, EmbroidMe can assist with creating the perfect product.

    About EmbroidMe:

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit and follow us on Twitter at

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  • Local Embroidme Celebrates Award Victory and One Year Anniversary

    RARITAN, NJ - EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, announces the Rookie of the Year award winners are local residents Tina & Robert Pouliot. They were given the prestigious award at the company’s annual World Expo, as they are celebrating their one year anniversary in business in Raritan.

    “Winning the Rookie of the Year award was an honor for us because we are surrounded by other franchise owners with excellent reputations who are fueling growth in their areas. To be recognized as one of the best is quite an honor,” says Robert Pouliot.

    “We are so thrilled that this award came at almost exactly one year to the date since we opened. Raritan is such a great place to own a business. We couldn’t be happier with the embroidery, garment printing and promotional product customers we have been fortunate enough to serve,” says Tina Pouliot.

    Approaching 400 retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe in Raritan, contact the Pouliots at (908)595-0700. For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit

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