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  • New Website Offers The Latest Javelina Gear

    KINGSVILLE, TEXAS – EmbroidMe-Kingsville and Texas A&M University-Kingsville have opened the new Javelina Shop Zone to the public this week in an online exclusive to help fans cope with football fever as the season 2010 football season gets underway. The went live on Sunday, September 12 and was immediately flooded with orders for 2010 Javelina gear. With items ranging from clothing to cutting boards, Javelina fans were happy to log and place their orders for what is once again expected to be another national championship run.

    "We are very happy with how the website turned out and the overwhelming response that we have gotten from the Javelina Nation," said Ken Oliver, Director of Athletics, Texas A&M-Kingsville. “We love to see all of the fans and students representing our beloved Hoggies".

    The new Javelina official merchandise store was designed with the flavor of South Texas in mind featuring custom engraved pocket knives, dominos sets and bar-be-que accessories. If the Javelina nation isn't able to find just the right way to express their fan hood, specialty orders can be created through EmbroidMe-Kingsville.

    "It's great to see all the blue and gold around town," said Carol Geryk, Owner and President of EmbroidMe-Kingsville. "I can't wait to see the car flags waiving on game day!"

    EmbroidMe-Kingsville has become a valuable partner with the sports program at Texas A&M-Kingsville, recently committing to a multi-year sponsorship with the university. EmbroidMe-Kingsville has over 800,000 promotional products that are great for helping businesses build their brand and make lasting impression and has been a licensed vendor of Texas A&M-Kingsville since 2008.

    The EmbroidMe-Kingsville team will work with businesses and individuals to determine the best promotional product help promote their company images. EmbroidMe is the largest franchise retailer of promotional products, and can offer something at any budget. In addition to a variety of promotional products, EmbroidMe-Kingsville also offers embroidered corporate apparel, uniforms, awards and personalized gifts to help you build your image.

    To learn more about what EmbroidMe can do for you, visit or call (361) 592-4700.

  • New Embroidme Franchise Opens in Abbotsford, British Columbia

    ABBOTSFORD, BC (December, 2010) - EmbroidMe, the world's largest embroidery franchise, announces a new store at 663 Sumas Way south of Costco under the ownership of local resident Brad Tobler.

    Before becoming an Embroidme franchisee, Tobler managed a full service pipe and valve supply store; however, he was looking to get out of the unstable oil and gas industry and into business ownership. According to Tobler, diving into his own business was a now or never decision.

    "Starting a business from scratch and building it into a successful operation takes hard work and energy," said Tobler. "I felt I had to make this decision now if I was ever going to realize my dream of business ownership."

    With nearly 400 retail locations, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe in Abbotsford, contact Brad Tobler at (604) 864- 0024 or For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit

  • New EmbroidMe Ownership in Charlotte

    CHARLOTTE, NC (DECEMBER 1, 2010) EmbroidMe, the worlds largest embroidery franchise, announces new owners for its Charlotte store at 16131 Lancaster Highway under the ownership of local residents Nick and Nancy Vona. Before becoming EmbroidMe franchisees, the couple had been on the constant move. However, upon discovering this franchise opportunity, the couple decided to permanently locate to Charlotte. We made the decision to become small business owners and moved to Charlotte because this is where we wanted to live, said Nancy. EmbroidMe is the perfect match for us because the products are unique and customer service and quality are a cornerstone of this franchise. According to Nancy, every business large or small should present themselves in a professional manner, and EmbroidMe can assist them in doing so. EmbroidMe provides customized products for special occasions and events as well as promotional products to help business owners grow and expand their business, said Nancy. With nearly 400 retail locations, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. For more information on EmbroidMe in Charlotte, contact Nick or Nancy at (704) 752-4282 or For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit

  • Holiday gifts? That's us!

    Monogrammed Robe gift


    Custom embroidery and apparel items represent a perfect holiday gift for the "person who has it all." Our stores provide very rapid turnaround on single items or quantities. Each EmbroidMe has many suppliers they can call upon to find just the right garment, just the right color, just the right size to help make gift giving easier. The popularity of mall kiosks, established retail brands such as "Things Remembered" and online retailers like "Red Envelope" attest to a customer's willingness to search out unique gifts that are custom in nature. Monogramming, embroidery, garment printing, logos, designs, company seals, all can beincorporatedwith garments and fabric products to "wow" the recipient. I know that personally, I've used plush monogrammed bath sheet sized towels as gifts. I have them in my home as well, spoiling a guest or visitor with a huge warm towel, extremely soft to the touch, perhaps better than they may use at their home for themselves. A few comments of approval from said guests during astay-over, and I knew what their holiday gift was going to be - only their favorite color was left to chance! Embroidered spa robes, grilling aprons and hats have also been things I've given to people as gifts, usually to great reviews and smiles of approval. EmbroidMe can also provide great quality garment printed shirts foraficionados of any interest. Pet owners love their animals and are proud to show them off. Sports fans will support their favorites and chide opponents with clever messages and images, all available at your local EmbroidMe! Companies looking to include branded garments or uniforms as holiday gifts to employees and suppliers know our stores can deliver. The possibilities are vast and the pricing of such items is such that small orders are affordable and larger orders are corporate budget friendly. If you're scouring the web looking for ideas, gifts, or that "something special," let EmbroidMe show you many options and ideas for this year's holiday gifting. What better time to offer memorable gifts and to "Get Noticed" all in the same swoop.

  • Personalized Holiday Cards and Gifts from EmbroidMe

    West Palm Beach, FL, November 2, 2010 Tis the season for giving. With the holidays approaching and the spirit of giving in the air, nothing shows appreciation to employees and clients better than a personalized card or gift. Not only do corporate cards and gifts show gratitude to the people who have made an impact on business throughout the year, they are excellent tools to foster strong working relationships and encourage repeat business. Gifts to employees show that they are valued and appreciated as individuals and recognizes their performance and achievements. EmbroidMe offers a large variety of personalized gifts which will continue to cultivate goodwill long after the holiday season is over. The experts at EmbroidMe facilitate the process of selecting items that are in line with the corporate culture and budget from an assortment of more than 800,000 promotional productsall available for branding with logos and messages. EmbroidMe also carries greeting cards that can be personalized with the company name and logo to get the right message across. Some popular gift choices for clients include personalized desk sets, gift baskets, calendars, mugs filled with goodies, picture frames, sports blankets and personalized apparel. Such useful items will keep the company logo in front of your clients and will be a constant reminder of the brand throughout the year. EmbroidMe helps organizations solidify and build their brands through a number of services and products, specifically custom embroidered apparel, screen printing services, and promotional products. By helping you establish and maintain a personalized online store, EmbroidMe makes it possible to order official logo/name materials at your convenience. About EmbroidMe: With more than 400 retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing, as well as promotional products, to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit:

  • A Success Story From Dublin Ohio

    I began my entrepreneurial dream with just that...a dream. I had no prior business experience before taking this plunge. I worked in a prison for 8.5 years. When they said anyone could make this business work, they were not lying. The cards were stacked against me. No experience, not much working capital and a bunch of nay sayers. I knew 1 thing though , regardless of success or failure, I had nobody to blame or pat on the back except for me. UFG gave me opportunity to own my own business. It was up to me to make it work. When we opened in 2005, it was just me and a college buddy doing it all. We struggled as all new businesses do. But we persevered. There was no way I was going to fail and have all those people tell me, "I told you so!" I learned as much as I could about this business from other owners, vendors, workshops and trade shows. I learned about my competition. They taught me what to do and what not to do. I positioned myself within the community to be very opportunistic when it came to jumping on grenades others threw and made things work out for who would become my customers. Since my 1st year, I added another friend onto the team as a sales person. He is going to hit $200K this year. I finally have the right person in place for my CAS who can tolerate being around me for more than an hour. We are moving into a new facility - 50% more space, half the rent - which in itself will propel our company towards my goal of $1 mil in annual sales. The 1 thing that has stayed consistent with me for the past 5 years is that I have never and will never blame anyone but me my the companies shortcomings. Not corporate, not other store owners, the people I surround myself with and especially the economy. It's all about me. I will get to the top of the mountain or DIE trying. Joe Vulpio EmbroidMe Dublin 6345 Sawmill Road Dublin, Ohio 43017 (p) 614-789-1898

  • Air Dancer Dance Off Video EmbroidMe Morristown NJ

    This is a perfect example of using out of the box thinking to create videos that people will watch, and that will get your name out there to new customers. If your video puts a smile on someones face dont you think they will want to visit your store in the future? This is a short video of our air dancer featuring some local talent having fun. A big Thank You goes out to the Morris United girls soccer team, The Morristown Madams roller derby, Katie Sue the dancer and ballerina, Steve the break-dancer and everyone else who came out that day. We are your local souce for Embroiery, Screen Printing, Promotional Products & Persaonalized Gifts. Visit our showroom... EmbroidMe Morristown NJ 16 Pine Street Morristown, NJ 07960 George Zacieracha

  • Navy veteran stitches her way to success in Frederick

    simensenLESLIE SIMENSEN OF EMBROIDME FREDERICK, MD was featured in her local newspaper, overviewing her history in the Navy, how she became an EmbroidMe Franchisee, and some of the work she?s done in the community. ?What started out as a hobby became an obsession, which is now my business.? NAVY VETERAN STITCHES HER WAY TO SUCCESS IN FREDERICK by Chris Huntemann Maryland Community Newspapers Online Sept. 2, 2010 UPDATE! The day after this article was published Leslie emailed us to let us know that it already got her new customers & a new employee! ?So far this morning I?ve had three new customers call about yesterday?s article. Free publicity: good. ?Yesterday, I had the second of two cars follow me home, down my 250 foot long driveway, to ask me for my business card. Simply because they saw my wrapped van driving around the neighborhood. One was a college professor and they?ve ordered 150 jackets, the other is an FBI agent who needs an entire assortment of products and services. Wraps: good. ? Today I hired a new OSR that I?ve been trying to get. The deciding factor for him? Yesterday?s article where he learned more about me. More sales: very good.? EmbroidMe of Frederick, MD 5732 Buckeystown Pike, Unit 21 Frederick, Maryland 21701 Leslie Simensen

  • 2011 ASI Show - Coming Soon


    When: January 23-25, 2011 Where: Orange County Convention Center, FL

    This event is open to the Embroidery and Promotional Products Industry members. The cost for tickets are $45 each.

    Don't miss the hottest event on the East Coast, featuring 700+ suppliers, thousands of money-making products, renowned education and exciting networking events. Michael J. Fox, will be presenting during the morning Keynote.

    Visit: for more information. Or, call 877-ASI-SHOW with questions.

  • Competitive Greatness

    Mark JohnsonCompetitive Greatness, as Coach John Wooden describes it, is A real love for the hard battle, knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required. There are a lot of factors at play in our competitive world today the economy, the internet, and certainly the other embroidery, screen printing and promotional product companies that we face every day. My question is, Are you passionate enough about the competitive journey to build a successful business? The great competitors who I have known all share a joy from the struggle or journey it takes to win. But its not the victory that makes them successful, its the satisfaction that comes from putting in that supreme effort it takes to win. The extra hours, the motivation that you give to others, the hard work that goes into building something special. That is where the true victory lies, in the self satisfaction of knowing that you summoned your best effort to compete on the highest level. Are you doing the things necessary to compete in todays world? Are you marketing your business every day, looking for new employees every day, motivating others every day? We are in a great business we get to help other people with their businesses and make their companies or organizations more successful. What a great thing! But we need to compete every day. In my view, there is nothing tiresome in the old adage, When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But this doesnt have to be something that isnt enjoyed. If you are putting in your best effort there is a tremendous self satisfaction in the building of your business. Work hard and have fun with the journey. Mark Johnson President EmbroidMe

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