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  • Shedding Pounds with Promotional Fitness Products

    Shedding Pounds with Promotional Fitness ProductsHoliday treats and time away from the gym makes a lot of people feel anxious and ready to hop on the nearest treadmill. January is the month to shed that extra holiday weight and break in that pair of brand new running shoes. Offering your employees promotional fitness products is an excellent way to enhance or revitalize your company's health program. Here are some ways to promote your business while providing products that keep waistlines slim and New Year's resolutions intact:

    • January might be the busiest month for gym-goers across the nation. Prepare your immune system to withstand all of those extra germs with a personalized sports towel. EmbroidMe has hundreds of Resource Centers around the world to keep your company popular and prepared for a healthier January.
    • Work with health & fitness clubs to promote their membership program benefits to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. More businesses have realized that keeping employees healthy has a positive impact on the bottom line. Some benefits of implementing and promoting business health programs include increased productivity, employee health care cost savings and fewer sick days.
    • Offer corporate client innovative active wear, water bottles, earbuds and pedometers to help promote fitness. These promotional items will attract potential clients and ensure a positive brand impression for your business.
    • Make it easier for your employees and clients to organize their gym gear by handing out embroidered gym bags. Not only will your brand be displayed to the entire gym, people will think of you when their "feel-good" endorphins are pumping after their workout.

    EmbroidMe's on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and health and fitness products of the highest quality. With more than 400 retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts. Locate the store nearest you by visiting:

  • New Year's Resolution: Organizational Promotional Items

    New Year's Resolution: Organizational Promotional ItemsWith the New Year around the corner and our resolutions at large, it is common to see an increase in the sales of organizational items. One way to increase the productivity of your business and reduce stress in the workplace and home is to promote the use of organizational promotional items.

    Here are some ways your company can align your brand with products that encourage a more organized environment:

    • Businesses can raise awareness about the importance of getting organized by developing custom products emblazoned with their logo and passing them out to employees and clients. Promotional notecases will help your clients get organized while reminding them that your brand is helping them do so.
    • Planning your next trade show or expo? Personalized convention totes and storage cases can keep you organized even in the busiest tradeshow scenarios. Generate attention for your business while staying organized, clean, and professional. Your customers will be impressed.
    • Keep track of your business cards, documents, pens and mobile devices by investing in organization padfolios. These portfolios will help keep you prepared for your next business deal or conference meeting. Personalize your padfolios to increase positive brand awareness.
    • Promote your company events all year long with personalized calendars and planners. Your customized calendar will remind your clients of your brand every time they check the date or write in an appointment. Go traditional, or get creative with magnetic calendars and planners. Either way, you will keep clients on task and keep your brand's logo in forefront.
    • Office accessories and other promotional products can be imprinted with business logos and messages about January's Get Organized Month. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    Continue to boost your brand recognition through January by locating an EmbroidMe Resource Center near you.

  • EmbroidMe Announces Plans for 2016

    EmbroidMe recently released details of it growth plans for 2016. Below is an excerpt from

    EmbroidMe, represented at No. 36 by Stitches magazine in its annual list of the most powerful people and companies in the embroidery industry, has bold plans for 2016 as it looks to double the number of new franchises it added in 2015, building upon its reputation as an industry-leading franchise and promotional marketing partner for its clients, providing logoed apparel, promotional products and a wide variety of additional services.

    Stitches is recognized as the trade publication and the voice and vision of the embroidery industry and the single most-referenced magazine in the business.

    The United Franchise Group brand, represented in the 2015 Stitches Power 75 by CEO Ray Titus and President Mark Johnson, was named a Top 100 Global Franchise by Franchise Direct and was 18th on Top 40 Distributor list of Counselor magazine, recognized as the "voice" of the promotional products industry...Read More


  • Promotional Edible Gifts for the Holidays

    Promotional Edible Gifts for the HolidaysTis' the season when company offices become flooded with holiday gifts and goodies from clients, business associates and vendors, particularly those hoping to develop a business relationship in the New Year. Many companies consider the holiday season the culmination of their annual marketing campaigns, a time to show gratitude for customers, patronage throughout the year and to create a sense of goodwill going into the New Year.

    Edible treats are part of nearly all holiday celebrations, and often a popular choice for corporate holiday gifts because of the warm fuzzy feelings they bring when people gather around to share a taste; of the holiday spirit. With so many delectable goodies to choose from, it is easy to find something to satisfy everyone's taste; but to do so in a way that is both memorable and delicious can sometimes prove to be more difficult.

    In order to maximize the impact of your holiday marketing budget, you need to make sure your company's offering in the smorgasbord of holiday goodies stands out from the competition. As in any good branding strategy, it is important to have the company name and/or logo positioned in a prominent location. Our corporate gift experts can help your business create a perfectly branded assortment of edible gifts that will make your company sparkle this holiday season! Examples may include candy such as buttered toffee, chocolates or peppermint bark, or other snacks including flavored popcorn, a selection of nuts or pretzels. Our elves can also help you add a personalized touch by working with you to create your company's own custom label.

    Promotional edible gifts are a tasty and budget-friendly way to share your holiday greetings with companies of any size. You may not deal directly with everyone at a given office, or even within a given department, but chances are you deal indirectly with people working behind the scenes, and it is a nice reminder to them that your company appreciates their business.

    Promotional gifts are also a great way for companies to provide their employees with a little taste of holiday cheer. With the added stress and pressures which are typical in the busy holiday season, it is nice to have goodies for employees who may not have time to eat lunch, or just need a little boost late in the day. We can ship boxes of fresh frosted cookies or brownies with your company's logo, or decorative tins filled with an assortment of chocolates, nuts or pretzels. We offer a variety of container sizes so that you can easily place them in the breakroom, kitchen or anywhere throughout the office. Not only will your employees enjoy these tasty selections, but they serve as a great reminder of your company's gratitude for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

    Visit us on the web at to view our full selection of edible treats and let our expert elves help your company find the perfects treats for everyone on your holiday shopping lists.

  • Businesses Support National Nutrition Month™ with Custom Items from EmbroidMe


    March is National Nutrition Month™, an annual education campaign to promote awareness of and information about healthy food, fitness and lifestyle choices. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created this awareness campaign to draw attention to the benefits of making educated decisions about diet and physical activity routines. The theme for March of 2016 is "Savor the Flavor of Eating Right," encouraging everyone to not only improve the quality of the food they eat, but also to enhance appreciation for the flavor and experience of each meal. EmbroidMe encourages businesses to help spread information about healthy lifestyles with a promotional marketing campaign for National Nutrition Month™.

    National Nutrition Month™ educates consumers about the importance of good nutrition by providing the latest practical information about living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Making simple lifestyle changes - such as incorporating exercise or eating more fruits and vegetables - can reduce the risk of illness and increase energy levels and overall health.

    There are many ways for businesses to participate in National Nutrition Month™, and the time to prepare a promotional cause marketing campaign for March is now.

    Businesses can:

    • Create a company blog article and request to be added to the Academy's blog roll for National Nutrition Month™
    • Throw a fundraising event such as a charity walk to raise awareness and provide health conscious giveaways and follow the official social media channels using the #NNM hashtag
    • Sponsor Academy programs such as the Energy Balance 4 Kids, which places registered dietician nutritionists in classrooms to educate students about healthy food options
    • Promote public service announcements that share exciting healthful messages with customers

    On a smaller scale, businesses can simply raise awareness about the campaign by developing custom products emblazoned with their logo and messages about proper nutrition and passing them out to employees and clients.

    Businesses interested in mounting a National Nutrition Month™ promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for March.

    Ideas for custom products to pass out to employees and clients or at charity walks and health education workshops are plentiful. They include promotional healthy recipe calendars and cookbooks, food and fitness journals, personalized lunch boxes, and fitness products such as pedometers, fitness belt pouches and duffel bags. All promotional products can be imprinted with business logos and messages about National Nutrition Month™. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    Christine Marion, Director of Retail Operations for EmbroidMe, says: "Whatever role a business decides to play in promoting National Nutrition Month™, EmbroidMe offers businesses the ability to customize products that will convey the message that a business cares about promoting healthier lifestyle habits. Businesses should place their orders now to make sure they are ready for the National Nutrition Month™ campaign in March."

  • Spreading the (Corporate) Holiday Cheer with Custom GiftsThis Season

    Spreading the (Corporate) Holiday Cheer with Custom GiftsThis SeasonDeck the Halls A clean, organized office space has a calming effect, even during the chaos of the holiday season. Combine your efforts to tidy up and bring glad tidings by decorating your work space with small but cheerful reminders of the winter wonderland outside. Better yet, add a personalized touch to every office space by placing a fun trinket such as a stress ball or Rubik’s Cube with “Happy Holidays” printed on the front. Break the Ice Reignite your company’s team spirit by throwing a seasonal potluck! Encourage everyone at the office to contribute a holiday dish, and share the lunch hour together with games and festivity. Customize party glasses with the company logo on the front to hand out to each employee. Everyone will enjoy the quick break from the morning of work, and the holiday spirit will surely spread to increase creativity throughout the rest of the day. Gift of Giving One of the best sentiments to express to your customers is that you appreciate their business. Send a personalized greeting to all of your employees and clients by sending out a company holiday card! Include your company name and logo, as well as a fun background print. Another way to give back this holiday season is getting involved with organizations like Toys for Tots . To ring in the season, gather your office together to be bell ringers over the weekend and raise money for the Red Kettle Campaign. You can also hand out giveaways emblazed with your logo to each person that donates. Stocking Stuffers Spread the holiday cheer beyond the office this season by creating a stocking or gift basket for your clients. Fill the stockings with fun trinkets, like pens topped with reindeer heads, candies, yo-yos, keychains, mugs filled with sweets, and coasters imprinted with your company logo. Gifts are excellent ways to grow strong corporate relationships and encourage repeat business.

  • Trends in Holiday Corporate Gift Giving

    Trends In Holiday Corporate Gift GivingBusinesses have varying philosophies on holiday corporate gift giving. Corporate gifts are a great way to help foster business relationships of all kinds. Whether its gifts for employees, shareholders or outside clients and vendors, budget is nearly always a determining factor in these purchasing decisions. Given that the years largest gift-giving season is only a few weeks away, it is time to finalize plans and place orders. The helpful and knowledgeable staff at EmbroidMe has experience working with all types of businesses and within all budgets to create the perfect corporate holiday gifts. Whether you need simple gifts which can satisfy all December celebrations, or exclusive gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holiday observances, we have the right products at the right prices and can help create your own custom designs. Some of our most popular categories are wearables, such as embroidered polos, jackets and fleece, custom engraved glasses and stemware, or business and technology-related gifts, such as laptop cases, travel bags and desktop accessories. The holiday season is also a popular time of the year for sales goal recognition and annual award presentations. We offer a full line of awards and incentive products to help end the year on a positive note, and keep the momentum moving forward into the New Year. Call us today at (877) 877-0234 to finalize all of your holiday shopping needs, or visit us online at

  • Businesses Prepare for "Get Organized Month" with Custom Promotional Items from EmbroidMe

    organizer penJanuary is "Get Organized Month", an annual campaign to promote education about the importance of proper organization skills; and there is no better way for your business to tie in than by contacting your local EmbroidMe Resource Center, which is brimming with great ideas to incorporate into your promotional marketing campaign. The campaign, which originated with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), is an effort to help businesses and organizations reduce clutter and effectively improve their workplace environments while boosting productivity.

    Get Organized Month shines a spotlight on the benefits of proper organization in the home and workplace. By educating your employees and clients about effective organization, your business can benefit from saved time, increased profit, reduced stress and more efficient productivity.

    There are many ways for companies to participate in Get Organized Month, and the time to prepare a promotional marketing campaign for January is now.



    Businesses can:

    • Take classes and attend annual organization conferences via the Professional Organizer Curriculum webinar to enhance productivity in the workplace
    • Sponsor display advertising by reserving a full or partial page advertisement in the NAPO News interactive online magazine
    • Partner with the National Association of Professional Organizers by downloading the NAPO Corporate Partner Program Brochure
    • Attend local organizing expositions or hold public giveaways to help get consumers organized

    On a smaller scale, a company can simply raise awareness about the importance of getting organized by developing custom products emblazoned with their logo and passing them out to employees and clients.

    Businesses interested in mounting a Get Organized Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for January.

    Ideas for custom products to pass out to employees and clients or at organization expos are plentiful. They include promotional note cases, convention totes, organization padfolios, monthly calendars and planners, storage cases, hanging purse holders and other office accessories. All promotional products can be imprinted with business logos and messages about Get Organized Month. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    Christine Marion, Director of Retail Operations for EmbroidMe, says: "Whatever role a company decides to play in promoting Get Organized Month, EmbroidMe offers the ability to customize products that will convey the message that your business wants to help boost the organization initiative."

  • 5 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

    5 Creative Ways To Increase Brand AwarenessHand out the best giveaways You will be the talk of the town when customers brag about the cool promotional items they received from your company. When others ask about the source of the goodies, your brand will receive positive attention. Go above and beyond by customizing unique tradeshow giveaways such as a branded phone stand, stylus pen or powerbank. Stay on top of your game As basketball season begins and football fans everywhere are celebrating (or disappointed with) their fantasy football picks, the hype of the game is only growing. Be with your customers as they celebrate their favorite sports teams this holiday season! Custom-cut vinyl can make team wear for the whole family. Create real solutions Appeal to a corporate occasion by customizing pens and tradeshow totes with your brands logo on the front. Business professionals will appreciate the extra hand while picking up items at other tradeshow booths. Better yet, your logo will be front and center as customers walk around holding your bag. Build partnerships Promotional products are a great way to boost brand reputation throughout all types of crowds. By aligning with local universities and organizations, you can effectively integrate your brand. A great way to increase brand awareness is by introducing your company to local college campuses. Customize varsity jackets or university promotional items to get students in the school spirit and hyped by your business. Think ahead There is nothing worse than realizing your brand strategy schedule is running behind. Prepare your company for the holidays by staying up to date with the best brand awareness boosters. By putting your customers first and providing unique products, your brand will have top-of-mind awareness.

  • The Best Recipe for your Fall Promotional Marketing Strategy

    The Best Recipe For Your Fall Promotional Marketing StrategyWhile everyone is enjoying cool hikes under autumn trees, sipping apple cider with pumpkin bars and perfecting their latest chili recipes, businesses everywhere are revamping their fall brand strategies. One of the most important ingredients in powerful product placement is promotional giveaway. Businesses can utilize contests and promotions to increase popularity while instilling a top-of-mind awareness for their brands. Here are the top five ways companies can efficiently and effectively promote to their audiences. Social Media Whether your business has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, encourage your customers to like or follow your social media pages. Your products can be a good reminder of your Internet presence as well as encouragement for your customers to represent your following. Another way to boost your brand this fall is through seasonal social media campaigns. Use your promotional items to invite customers to use a fall-inspired hashtag, or ask customers to like, share and retweet your posts with a chance to win popular seasonal promotional items such as scarves, thermos mugs and fall totes. Surveys and Sign-Ups Attract customers to your tradeshow event booth with personalized tablecloths and signs. These items can make or break a successful interaction with the audience. Other critical ingredients to brand success are quality giveaway items that will attract potential customers to your booth and do the talking for you. Your audience will be more willing to fill out an informational survey or sign up for your services if they are enticed by free items, and will be reminded of your brand from the moment they leave your booth. Charities and Causes Promote your business by lending a helping hand. Businesses can build an effective marketing strategy by using promotional products to align their brand with a seasonal charity or cause. There are many popular causes to participate in during October, including Child Health Day, Osteoporosis Day and Lung Health Day. We can help your company design promotional items to generate support for fundraising efforts while boosting your brand reputation. Follow Up Perhaps the most important ingredient in any promotional strategy is the consideration of your customers. By distributing useful, quality promotional products, your business can gain the upper hand and remain popular this fall. Make sure to involve the opinions of your customer throughout your brand strategy journey. Not only will you receive promising feedback to improve your next promotion, your clients will appreciate the effort you make to keep in touch.

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