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  • Personalized Clothing Can Help Spread Your Message

    When you want to show off your brand or your personal style, personalized clothes are a great place to start. Putting your logo or artwork onto an item of clothing is a great way to let the world know about your company, organization or even yourself. EmboridMe works with individuals and organizations to provide attention getting personalized clothes. Whether you want a t-shirt screen printed with your very own design or hundreds of polo shirts embroidered with your logo, EmbroidMe can help you create unique personalized clothes.

    There are many uses for personalized clothes. Embroidered hats make a great giveaway at trade shows and other business events, while t-shirts, polo shirts and other items can be utilized to promote your company or foster a sense of teamwork at your company. Any type of personalized clothing can create brand awareness and put your message in front of potential new customers. If you've been thinking about creating clothes with your logo, artwork or message, EmbroidMe can help. Our diverse portfolio of promotional products contains hundreds of brands, styles and colors for you to select from.

    Explore our website or visit one of your local Resource Centers to learn how EmbroidMe can help you provide one-of-a-kind clothing that suits your needs. Our team of on-site specialists can help you pick out the perfect garments for customization. Once you've determined which garment to customize, we use our specialized tools and experience to help you determine where best to place your logo or artwork. The experience and expertise of our knowledgeable staff will make personalizing clothing easy.


    Len Cava Overcomes Three Hurricanes and a Recession as He Builds Family Business

    October 24, 2013 - (Delray Beach, Fla.)—Len Cava, moved to Florida for the weather. In 2003, he and his wife Gayle were tired of the cold winters in Long Island, N.Y. and decided to relocate. Cava sold his contract packaging business to his partner, packed up the house and moved to Delray Beach. His grown children decided to make the move as well. It was all they hoped for and Cava, never one to rest on his laurels, started looking for a new business opportunity. He was attracted to EmbroidMe’s concept and bought his franchise in 2005 while his wife, who is a nurse, started working at a local hospital in the ER. The future they anticipated was bright and quite warm.

    “We were hit with three major hurricanes right when we opened,” he recalls. “It left our shopping center a mess and affected many business owners in our area. We had no power for 14 days and in all it took two years to repair the center fully. And outside the shopping center, the recession hit.”

    Cava could never have predicted the obstacles he’d have to face to turn his EmbroidMe business into the success it is today. Thanks to his sharp business savvy and the support of his family, especially his son-in-law who he calls his “right hand man,” he’s built a loyal customer base and strong presence in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

    EmbroidMe is the world’s largest diversified promotional products franchise, helping organizations brand themselves and make an impression by customizing marketing products that feature a name, image, logo or message. The company specializes in embroidery, garment printing, custom apparel, promotional products, screen printing and personalized gifts.

    Cava says what he and the other business owners in Delray Beach faced in the wake of hurricane season and the recession was “the perfect storm for business.”

    “It was a real tough period,” he said. “All of us fought through it together, which strengthens your ties to the community in ways you don’t really expect.” He began working with Florida Atlantic University offering embroidery, digital transfers, screen printing and other services for the University. He also developed lasting business relationships with other schools, local medical facilities, small businesses, and restaurants as well as consumers looking to personalize gifts.

    Cava also credits his family for providing not just support and love during the recovery period, but also boots-on-the-ground work. His son and wife both attended EmbroidMe training school with him and his son-in-law Jeff Rosado and have helped with the business whenever they’re needed.

    “Jeff worked with me when I owned the packaging business on Long Island, and he’s been with me since day one at EmbroidMe as well,” he said. “His technical knowledge of the embroidery and printing business is key.”

    The community has embraced Cava and the product he offers. “I sell service and quality,” he asserts. “I’ve been around the block a few times and I know that offering a great product that’s on time is more important than being the cheapest guy on the block who promises the world but cuts corners along the way.  Because of my business philosophy and focus on quality, I’ve become the go-to guy in my community and I plan to maintain that.”

    With this mentality, Cava has been able to build on the deep relationships he’s secured with members of his community to continue to acquire new clients. In looking toward the future, Cava simply wants to grow his business and enjoy the beautiful weather and his family

    EmbroidMe currently has 17 locations throughout Florida and expects to open 20 new franchises across the state within 3-5 years, with at least 10 in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. Nationwide, EmbroidMe plans to open 70 new resource centers through the remainder of the 2013, reaching 500 locations worldwide by the end of 2016. For more information, please visit

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  • Personalized Employee Recognition

    West Palm Beach, FL – October 24, 2013 – Recognition lets employees know they are valued and appreciated. It is a great idea to give awards to reward the members of your team for their efforts, or to recognize a certain employee or department for their achievements. Such concrete motivation can help your company attract new employees and retain quality ones as well as create a positive effect in the workplace long after the award ceremony ends.

    Giving awards for outstanding performance can create a renewed incentive to all of the employees to work to the best of their ability, knowing that their efforts will not go unnoticed.  Employees who receive recognition will be keen to tell others about their achievements at the company, reigniting passion for their work and inspiring them to perform their very best for your business. This, in turn, will prompt questions and discussion that will serve to promote your business.  

    To make your praise really pay off, give awards that are customized and personal. Engraving the employee’s name and the reason for the award will serve as a permanent reminder of his or her achievements. There are many award options available at EmbroidMe that can be customized to fit this purpose.  EmbroidMe on-site specialists can help you select from a wide array of awards for those who take the top honors, as well as the right items for recognizing all the other participants in ways that are elaborate, simple or just plain fun. From plaques to trophies, you can create a memorable moment that will leave an indelible image of success and achievement on all those that see the award.  

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for personalized employee recognition gifts, promotional apparel, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery, engraving and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about personalized employee recognition gifts from EmbroidMe, and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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  • Using Promotional Products to Enhance Your Brand

    Promotional products are a valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Different types of promotional items can serve to enhance your company’s brand a variety of different ways. By providing promotional products to consumers you can create brand awareness among potential clients, reinforce your branding to existing customers and keep your company’s products and services top-of-mind when consumers are making a purchase decision. These enhancements to your brand can provide a valuable competitive edge by keeping your company in front of prospective consumers instead of your competition.

    Different promotional products can fill different roles in a comprehensive branding program. For example, if customers are often interacting with your company using pen and paper, perhaps because they need to fill a form out, having them complete paperwork using a branded pen that they can walk away with will help them remember to use your products and services again. Larger or more intricate promotional items, such as branded tote bags or reusable water bottle/coffee mugs, can be used to attract people to a booth at a trade show and are more likely to remain in front of a prospective customer for a longer period of time. Larger items also help to create impressions among people who may have never encountered your business, essentially turning people into living billboards or brand ambassadors.

    It is important to be creative with your promotional products. The more useful and unique a promotional item is, the more likely people will continue using it and strongly associate your brand with it. An IT services company might distribute branded flash drives which are inexpensive and not nearly as disposable as a pen. The flash drive will stay in front of their customers for longer. Try to be as creative as possible – a security consulting firm once created a condensed lock-picking kit that fit neatly into a metal, punch-out business card and created a buzz online with the idea. While most of us would probably never have the need for a lock-picking kit it certainly is a novel enough promotional item that many of us would never throw it away either.

    As your promotional marketing partner, EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists can help you develop creative and effective promotional products. Whether you need a single promotional item or need to develop a comprehensive promotional products campaign, call or locate one of our Resource Centers to enhance your brand.

  • EmbroidMe Adds 20 New Locations, 200+ Jobs in Tampa

    EmbroidMe was recently mentioned in an article from 83 Degrees Media. Here is a reprint of the article, as well as a link to the source:


    Article follows:

    EmbroidMe, a world leader in custom embroidery, screen printing and promotional products, has selected Tampa Bay for its next wave of expansion, adding 20 new locations that are expected to bring more than 200 professional jobs to the area.

    It all began with Signarama, a custom brand signage franchise which has grown to more than 900 locations in 50 countries. In 2000, the EmbroidMe brand was added to create custom branded promotional solutions for businesses. With six different  brands under the United Franchise Group, businesses can grow their companies with brand solutions from outdoor advertising to convention planning to business brokerage and energy efficiency.

    "We specialize in helping business from advertising to being more green. A lot of times our franchisees work together on providing solutions to businesses," says Erin Crawford, VP of Development.

    The EmbroidMe brand has grown to more than 300 locations, with 200 in Florida and 15 abroad.

    As the economy experienced a climate shift in recent past years, the company decided to focus its growth plan on strengthening its existing locations for long-term sustainability.

    Now, the brand is opening up expansion and new franchise opportunities, centering its focus on the promotional products industry, which is one of the strongest forms of marketing for many businesses.

    "We are not just an embroidery company; we are a full-service promotional marketing solutions partner. We’re growing and expanding throughout the United States, specifically in markets where we see things picking back up," says Crawford.

    Over the next five years, EmbroidMe plans to add at least seven new locations in Tampa, four in St. Petersburg, and one in Clearwater. The new additions will call for up to five new employees per store which can grow to have up to 15 employees focused on production and sales.

    "We have a strong presence in this area and in this market, so we have a heavy growth plan for the bigger markets in Florida -- like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and south Florida," says Crawford.

    For more information on franchising and career opportunities, visit EmbroidMe’s website.

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  • Corporate Personalized Holiday Gifts

    West Palm Beach, FL – October 10, 2013 – It is never too early to start checking off names on your holiday gift list. Companies would do well to look for ways to differentiate and personalize gifts, and to establish an emotional connection with customers. Solidify your client and employee relationships with attractive, useful and thoughtful promotional gifts that make lasting impressions.
    EmbroidMe offers a wide selection of products to choose from.  Golf accessories, bags, totes, and apparel, as well as thousands of promotional items like calendars, desk accessories, and coffee mugs, can be customized with your corporate identity.  For a truly unique gift idea, you can have an item of your choosing engraved or embroidered – this is perfect for items like plaques, golf bags, briefcases, and even baby blankets. The people on your holiday list will look forward to receiving your gift every year and your company will remain top-of-mind.
    With the expertise of their on-site specialists, superb customer service and hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe makes gift-giving easy. You can make EmbroidMe your one-stop shop for all your corporate gift needs, and not just during the holiday season. Any time is a good time to let someone know how much they are appreciated.

    “Clients and employees want to know they are valued, and no gift is quite as memorable as a personalized one,” said an Embroidme Representative. “EmbroidMe is proud of its role helping you solidify relationships with customers and employees.”

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel. For more information about corporate holiday gifts and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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  • Selecting the Best Embroidery Designs

    Selecting the Best Embroidery Designs
    Embroidery can give any garment a custom and one-of-a-kind look. Whether you are ordering embroidered golf shirts for your staff or a customized jacket for your motorcycle club, there are many great embroidery designs to choose from.

    Embroidered Patches
    Embroidered patches never go out of style. Your retail partners can use patches for new club members and as recognition items. Whether you are looking for round patches with your organization's emblem or lettered patches with a custom message, you can't go wrong. You can order  embroidered patches with a plastic backing for easy sewing, or heat seal backing for iron-on use.

    Embroidered Jackets
    Custom embroidered jackets are popular with groups and organizations and make great gifts for new members.  Embroidered clothing sends a message of professionalism and credibility, and your organization can enjoy higher visibility with embroidered wear. Jackets are great for new fraternity and sorority members, sports teams and church groups. Whether you want to add a small logo on the pocket or add detail to the back, sleeves or chest, you can always find the right choice at the right price.

    Selecting Your Embroidery Designs
    The first step in selecting the right embroidery design is to determine what the item will be used for. Finding the right design for a jacket is different from embroidering a polo shirt or bag, so it helps to have a specific design in mind. The complexity of your design will be a major factor in the overall price of the item. Complex designs with multiple colors, images and fonts will make a difference in the final price. If you are ordering embroidered items for resale, consider the markup when planning your design.

    For over 13 years, EmbroidMe has been the industry leader in custom embroidered designs and apparel. With a commitment to quality and customer service, many businesses and individuals have come to trust the craftsmanship of EmbroidMe. With over 700 resource centers around the country, there is an EmbroidMe that can meet your needs.

    Our department of fully-trained on-site specialists can help you to design the perfect embroidered items, whether you are looking for hats, bags or other apparel. Our network of entrepreneurs are pros at what they do and share the EmbroidMe attitude of commitment to quality. Find a resource center and get started today.

  • New EmbroidMe Franchise Opens in Virginia Beach

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (September 21, 2013) – EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, announces a new store at 3018 Virginia Beach, under the ownership of local residents Stephanie and Scott Bryant.

    Prior to becoming an EmbroidMe franchisee, Stephanie Bryant was a fabrics and crafts manager at Wal-Mart and an office manager at Ermisch Dry Cleaners. Scott Bryant has owned a Snap-on Tool franchise since 2009.

    “Discovering EmbroidMe came at a perfect time in my life because I wanted an opportunity to run my own business in an industry I love. Providing our customers with quality apparel and embroidery is the core value of our business. Every business, sports league and organization uses our services and I look forward to building relationships with many satisfied customers of EmbroidMe at Virginia Beach,” says Stephanie Bryant.

    EmbroidMe’s store hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Tuesday 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

    With nearly 400 retail locations, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe in Virginia Beach, contact Stephanie Bryant at 757-498-3453. For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit


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  • Get a Great Return on Your Marketing Investment With Printed T-Shirts

    With all of the marketing choices at your disposal, it can be a challenge to figure out which one will be most effective at getting your message across. While the world has gone digital, there are some classic standby marketing techniques that stand the test of time. Promotional printed t shirts still remain one of the best ways to spread the word about your brand.

    Why T-Shirts?

    T-shirts are not only great advertising, they are also functional. Unlike a refrigerator magnet or a calender, a t-shirt is worn by your end user and serves a walking advertisement for your company. Not only will the wearer be exposed to your marketing message, so will everyone he comes in contact with. A t-shirt that is inexpensive to produce can spread your message of hundreds of people at the grocery store, laundromat, on a college campus and wherever that person travels.

    Most people have a favorite t-shirt in their closet that they have had for years. The right t-shirt can withstand extended wear and advertise your message over long periods of time. Imagine giving out one t-shirt today and that your wearer will still be wearing five years from now. You can't beat that return on your investment.

    Best Venues for Distributing Printed Tees

    Many companies give out t-shirts at grand openings, company events and trade shows. You can customize your shirt to include not only your slogan or logo but also your company's web address or phone number. Give out tees at the local college and your message will be visible to thousands of students daily. Printed tees are an economical way to promote brand awareness and increase your marketing efforts.

    Ordering Your Custom Printed Tees

    Getting the right tee is essential to effectively promoting your company. If the text on your shirt is too small, people won't see your message from a distance. Avoid going with simply a logo unless your brand is a instantly recognizable or a household name. Choose your colors wisely, making sure that your ideas on paper will translate well on a printed shirt.

    If you need assistance in designing your printed tees, the on-site specialists at EmbroidMe can help you to design the perfect shirt. With a network of entrepreneurs across the country, there is an EmbroidMe location near you. Locate an EmbroidMe resource center and get started on your printed t-shirts project today.

  • EmbroidMe Creates Diversified Promotional Products

    West Palm Beach, FL – September 12, 2013 – There is no such thing as too much marketing exposure.  This is why it is important to diversify your advertising as broadly as you can. EmbroidMe helps businesses maximize their advertising and marketing efforts by providing diversified promotional products that create a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy.
    EmbroidMe carries a wide range of promotional products and can customize just about anything, including small items like pens to larger, more personal items like luggage or tote bags. With such a large variety of promotional items to choose from, businesses have the opportunity to diversify their offerings and create a broad marketing impression. For example, personalized key chains would be a clear choice for an automobile dealership to give out to potential buyers. The same business could also benefit from products like reusable tote bags or promotional hats. Bags are used over and over again, ensuring that your message is seen by a wide variety of potential customers. Hats are walking billboards! They are popular across the board, and show that you care about your company and who wears your hats.

    EmbroidMe offers promotional partners a huge variety of products with which to reach their market.
    “One of the things that sets EmbroidMe apart is our wide variety of personalized items,” said an Embroidme Representative. “When it comes to promotional products, EmbroidMe truly has something for every consumer.”
    About EmbroidMe
    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about diversified promotional products from EmbroidMe, and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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