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  • Fitness Promotional Items-EmbroidMe Marketing Solutions

    Get Customized Fitness Promotional Items for Your Brand

    Give your customers, employees, business partners or volunteers the gift of well-being with fitness promotional items from EmbroidMe. With many people shifting their priorities to their health, promotional products that highlight fitness and active lifestyles are sure to be not only appreciated, but used on a regular basis. This means that your brand will be visible to countless other people in a number of different settings and locations.

    Traditional fitness items, such as fitness towels, pedometers, exercise ropes and water bottles, are popular among frequent gym-goers. Water bottles and promotional headbands can be utilized by anyone, not just those who consistently go to the gym. If you are looking to take a more modern approach, fitness trackers and smart-shaker bottles make great fitness promotional items that anyone can enjoy, during fitness activities and everyday happenings.

    When to Incorporate Fitness-Related Promotional Products

    Take advantage of seasonal trends or monthly awareness topics by launching your own fitness campaign, and show your community that your business cares about the well-being of your employees and customers. Sponsoring a local cause or giving fitness items away at trade shows will give your brand a positive image. Organizations can also take part in fitness programs that encourage a healthier lifestyle among employees. This is sure to boost morale and show your employees just how much you care and appreciate them.

    Promotional Products Create Brand Awareness

    What makes promotional products so special is that they are great gifts that also work as extremely cost-effective advertising. At a cost per impression of only $.005, promotional products are your go-to for the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy. Virtually no other media comes close to providing you with the ROI that promotional products do, and at EmbroidMe, we specialize in providing custom promotional products to businesses that want to get their brand noticed. We also value events and marketing strategies that support health-related causes, making us your experts on fitness promotional items.

    Get Your Promotional Product Campaign Started Today!

    Don't wait any longer to appreciate the benefits that promotional products can offer. EmbroidMe has over 300 resource centers across the U.S., so you are sure to find one near you. Stop in to one of our resource centers where you can preview some of our high quality promotional products. Our promotional marketing experts can help you decide on the right products for you while also working with you to develop just the right design that will effectively showcase your brand. Visit our home page to find your nearest resource center or call (877) 877-0234.

  • Show School Spirit | Promotional Items from EmbroidMe

    Back to School Calls for School Spirit

    Now that most schools are back in session, it is the perfect time for organizations to show their school spirit and community support with promotional items and apparel from EmbroidMe. We have a wide variety of items and ideas for products that will get your schools and organizations excited for this year's events. Bring your students, teams or employees together while promoting your brand. EmbroidMe offers extensive promotional products to choose from in addition to embroidery, garment printing and specific event marketing services.

    Promotional Products

    EmbroidMe has countless promotional products you can choose from to promote your brand while conveying school spirit. Schools may find that our team emblem megaphones, foam fingers and noisemakers are great for upcoming sporting events and are perfect for showing school spirit. More practical and eve yday items such as key chains, stickers and decals, lanyards, drink tumblers or foam Koozies are popular for organizations trying to express school spirit among customers or employees. With our wide variety of promotion products that can be customized to your organization's specific needs, we are sure to have just the right product to extend your brand's marketing strategy.

    Branded Apparel

    If your organization is looking to make a profound statement of school spirit at an upcoming event, our custom embroidery and garment printing services can help you convey a professional but pleasing image. We have a variety of apparel options to choose from that would be perfect for displaying your school's mascot or name and that your group can sport at any upcoming event. We also offer direct-to-garment printing services that merge ink directly from an image onto fabric. This can be on a shirt, hat, bag, blanket and many other items that come in handy at events calling for school or team spirit. For schools looking to provide their sports teams with high-quality athletic apparel, EmbroidMe has you covered. Our performance wear is made of specialized fabric that prevents moisture and odors, keeping your team comfortable and focused on the event.

    Branded apparel and customized promotional products not only convey school spirit and promote your brand, but can be used over and over again, making them highly desirable by your teams, students or employees. Our resource centers can provide you with a one-stop shop for all of your promotional products, custom embroidery and screen printing needs. With more than 300 locations across the United States, there is sure to be a location near you. Contact one of our promotional marketing experts today and let's get started maximizing your marketing strategies.

  • EmbroidMe Overland Park Featured in Kansas City Star

    Jeff Moffett's embroidery and promotional marketing business, EmbroidMe of Overland Park located at 7512 W 119th St, provides services from the business Entrepreneur Magazine named top in its industry to customers in Overland Park and Leawood. A husband and father of two, Moffett is bringing managerial experience combined with a creative side that, he says, will provide service with a personal touch. Moffett opened the business with plans to grow it to a point where he can pass it on to their children when they are ready.

    For 24 years, Moffett worked for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services as a project manager. His career beginning when the personal computer industry was still in its infancy and carrying him through its mainstream proliferation, Moffett has a great deal of experience with how the right branding can grow a business. This, he said, is what drew him to EmbroidMe.

    "The products make people smile," said Moffett. "When you create a custom product for someone, there's a greater appreciation for that product because it was made just for you. There's such a strong demand for what we sell. Every business needs promotional products and logoed merchandise to create brand awareness, and we will be the ones to customize those items for them."

    Recognizing the value of personalization, Moffett is also aware of how EmbroidMe will provide a unique service to businesses. "In this industry, the competition is primarily small home-based businesses or giant corporations located two states away," said Moffett. "EmbroidMe fills a void in the middle by providing a local storefront for customers to see and touch a product before buying. We're also detail-oriented perfectionists, so customers can rest assured that we’ll provide a quality product that they’ll love."

    But Moffett's interest in bringing a personalized touch to the business extends beyond the services he provides. With plans for wife Erin Moffett to soon join the business, Jeff Moffett says he aims to make his EmbroidMe a family affair.

    "Erin's background is in sales and I'm an operations guy, so I think we'll make a great team," said Moffett. "With an 8-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter, it's important that we build something that our kids can one day take over. Our son is already talking about working in the store so he can make shirts for his friends."

  • Spruce up Your Marketing with Promotional Beauty Products

    Give Your Marketing Efforts a Makeover

    Have your marketing campaigns lost their luster and become a little stale? Promotional products are a great way to spruce up your efforts and cultivate customer loyalty and brand recognition. However, ineffective promotional items stay out of sight and out of mind, and even the best promotional products can eventually get kicked to the curb. Choosing a long-lasting promotional product that will be used frequently is difficult. Everybody loves looking good-your customers will be sure to use promotional beauty products on a regular basis for a considerable period of time. Here are some custom promotional beauty product ideas to keep your brand and customers fresh.

    Nail Files & Emery Boards

    Turn this routine activity into an opportunity for your customers to appreciate you. Nail files are small and portable, and they are a promotional beauty product people will take with them everywhere they go. Your brand will be hard to forget by people who spend time admiring your logo while pruning and primming their finger nails.

    Compact Mirrors

    How many times do you look at yourself every day? In a recent study, women were found to look at themselves 16 times per day on average-and men were found to check themselves out 23 times per day! Get seen every time someone wants to look at themselves by giving them a compact mirror uniquely branded with your logo. People like to be sure they stay in style, and with compact mirrors in your customers' pockets and purses, your brand will be.

    Lip Balm and Chapstick

    Winter is coming, and with cold weather comes chapped lips. Give your customers something that can be a life saver when the flakes start falling. Give away lip balms and chapsticks that will keep customers coming back for more. Get a variety of flavors and let them pick and choose to get them excited.

    Get Custom Promotional Beauty Products at EmbroidMe

    EmbroidMe offers a full range of custom promotional beauty products to keep your brand top-of-mind. Whether you're looking to beautify your existing marketing efforts or give them a complete makeover, our promotional marketing experts are prepared to work with you. Find out which of our over 300 resource centers is nearest to you to get started today!

  • June is National Student Safety Month

    Businesses Prepare for National Student Safety Month with Custom Promotional Items from EmbroidMe


    Now is the time for businesses to order promotional items from EmbroidMe to gear up for National Student Safety Month in June

    June is National Student Safety Month, an annual campaign to encourage safe lifestyle choices in students and young people. The initiative is sponsored by the National Safety Council with the end goal of educating children on about the leading causes of preventable injury. Each week in the month of June is dedicated to a common theme or cause, for example: road safety, bike safety or internet safety.  Children can share these essential lessons with friends and remind their families of safe practices.

    Businesses interested in mounting a National Student Safety Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for June.

    Businesses can:

    • Stay updated on The National Safety Council's guides on safe living practices, each of which centers around weekly themes.
    • Partner with schools to organize events to help educate students on safety.
    • Contact attorneys, legal aid, insurance agents and education clients to set up an awareness campaign for student safety.

    On a smaller scale, a company can simply raise awareness of the need to educate young people on issues of safety by developing custom products emblazoned with its logo and National Student Safety Month messaging to distribute.

    There are many types of custom promotional products available to distribute to clients and employees that will promote National Student Safety Month's goals and properly represent your brand's integrity. Items such as flashlights, first-aid kits or USB keys for internet safety are all suitable, and EmbroidMe's promotional marketing experts can help you find the promotional items that are the best fit for your organization.

    "EmbroidMe can reproduce your logo on various promotional products in the highest quality possible, while showing your organization's dedication to keeping students and their families safe," said Christine Marion, EmbroidMe's director of operations. "Educating young people on safe lifestyle practices creates a safer future for us all."

    Join EmbroidMe in educating students and encouraging safe behavior in our youth this June.

  • Custom Items for May Family Wellness Month

    Businesses Support Family Wellness Month with Custom Items from EmbroidMe

    Now is the time for businesses to prepare a promotional cause marketing campaign to align with National Nutrition Month in May

    Family Wellness Month is about promoting healthy lifestyle choices among families. The month is dedicated to educating families on better ways to manage their lives with regard to nutrition, physical health and interpersonal relationships. Family Wellness Month is a time for businesses or organizations to encourage people to make positive decisions. This can mean anything from a better diet to more frequent doctor visits, or spending less time in front of the TV and more quality time with your loved ones.

    Businesses can align their brands with Family Wellness Month:

    • Partner with healthcare firms and healthcare service providers to sponsor and organize events raising awareness for good lifestyle choices.
    • Get involved with local nonprofits centered on improving the livelihoods of families in the area.
    • Promote good health and lifestyle choices from within their companies through newsletters and social media posts.

    On a smaller scale, businesses can raise awareness for Family Wellness Month and the healthy living practices that it promotes by getting their logo emblazoned onto health-oriented items. This will be especially effective at health fairs that your business may attend or help organize during this month.

    Businesses interested in mounting a Family Wellness Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for May.

    “There are a variety of items available at EmbroidMe Resource Centers to suit the tone of Family Wellness Month,” said Christine Marion, EmbroidMe’s director of operations. “EmbroidMe has a wide variety of promotional merchandise to suit the branding needs of any business.” Items like pedometers, first-aid kits and hand sanitizer will show support in the process of healthy lifestyle choices and also showcase your brand.

    EmbroidMe's printing services can embroider or print your company logo onto any of these products in the highest quality, displaying the integrity of your brand in a way that meets your organization's standards.

    However you choose to promote Family Wellness Month, EmbroidMe is guaranteed to have the promotional items that will suit your needs and convey your organization's support for healthy lifestyles for families.

  • Popular Auto Promotional Products for All Needs

    Popular Auto Promotional Products for All NeedsBusinesses in the automobile industry have a pretty good understanding of their target audience - they're into cars and appreciate car products. But car accessories shouldn't be limited to the auto industry alone.

    According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving; providing the perfect opportunity for a daily, lasting brand impression. Turns out, auto promotional products are a solid investment for most companies just based on their utility. Here are some of our best ideas for auto promotional products:

        • USB Car Adapter: Always handy, USB chargers plug directly into the cigarette lighter outlets found on your dashboard. Universal adapters can charge your smartphone or other mobile devices that use a USB cord. They come in a variety of colors with a flat surface to imprint your logo and information.
        • Car Windshield Sun Shade: Keep your cool while you protect your car interior with a sun shade. Advertise messaging for your organization, brand's logo, or your favorite sports team with these easily imprinted items that boldly showcase colors and text. Choose a reflective sun shade for your windshield or a mesh shade to pop-on passenger windows.
        • Auto Floor Mat: Additional mats and carpet can make any vehicle, whether a car or truck, more welcoming, providing extra comfort and a clean look. Durable and secure, mats also protect the original flooring of the vehicle. Choose from polyester carpet to Vinyl/PVC heavy-duty items to suit your recipient's needs. Neutral colors of the mats allow imprinted branding to really pop!
        • Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer: This practical item not only organizes the junk in your trunk, it organizes itself by folding down when it's not in use. Large compartments can carry your car's essentials, sports equipment and any items you like to keep with you in case you need them on-the-go. It saves space but still has a large area to screen print your promotional message.
        • Travel Adventures Highway Kit: Bring peace-of-mind to your loyal clients and partners with a promotional emergency highway kit. Emergency booster cables encased in hardy bag can be easily brought along to camping trips or kept stored in the trunk. Select your colors, logo and messaging to be emblazoned on the front to align your business reputation with reassurance and reliability.

    These items are a good way to solidify a business opportunity and show appreciation for those who mean the most to your company or organization. Order some mats for the trucks that handle your shipping, or highway kits for your sales team that is constantly traveling, or consider a trunk organizer for parents who volunteer in youth sports. Visit your local Resource Center to find auto promotional products available in your area today.

  • Promote Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products


    Earth Day was first launched April 22, 1970, in the United States by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Approximately 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day, which helped spur on the creation of several pieces of environmental legislation including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act. Today, the Earth Day Network coordinators with over 50,000 partners in 192 countries, bringing the number of Earth Day participants to over 1 billion.

    "Every employee, student or member is capable of participating in their respective organization's sustainability efforts on Earth Day," said Christine Marion, Director of Retail Operations for EmbroidMe. "EmbroidMe specialists are prepared to help all customers develop unique strategies utilizing eco-friendly promotional products to empower involvement in the world's largest civic observance."

    There are many opportunities to build a community program that targets a specific green initiative. Choose a location that needs beautifying or bring awareness to energy wastefulness. Focus on regional wildlife or recreational trails. Check local waterways or places to increase recycling efforts. Then, create a new slogan or join the A Billion Acts of Green® network, and support the campaign with promotional T-shirts, caps, water bottles, mugs or bags from EmbroidMe. Build a commitment to protect planet Earth.

    To learn more about Earth Day campaigns, visit

  • Political Promotional Products for 2016

    Political Promotional Products for 2016 Promotional item sales realized an annual growth of 1.09 percent in 2015, the smallest since 2010 however; it signified the fifth straight year of positive growth for the industry, according to Promotional Products Association International. Given that 2016 is an election year, promotional product suppliers have good reason to expect that this trend will continue, and at a much higher growth rate than the previous year.

    According to Margit Fawbush, communications manager for BIC Graphic, the 2016 presidential election will likely be a crediting factor of increased profits for promotional product vendors given that candidates seem to be buying more promotional products this year compared to past, and also due to a longer election cycle. Candidates are increasingly branding themselves as commodities versus merely faceless names on signs and banners.

    As a result, political marketing strategies are drawing an increasingly parallel reliance on promotional products to propagate their platforms, slogans, and ideals. This trend is gaining momentum as evidenced by Donald Trump's campaign which spent $825,000 on promotional items in the third quarter of 2015 alone, according to C.J. Mittica, executive editor for Counselor Magazine; and a recent episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured a segment titled, "Race To The Merch House," reporting on the growing popularity of the various promotional props offered by candidates' online stores. Aside from common promotional items for supporters, such as t-shirts, pins and hats, some of the more popular items include Hillary Clinton's "Chillary Drink Koozie," Bernie Sanders "Feel the Bern" coffee mug, and Jeb Bush's "Guaca Bowle." Candidates are using the sales of these items from their online stores to help fund their campaigns and increase their brand recognition among voters.

    Political advertising is forecast to increase by nearly 20 percent according to research firm Borrell Associates. In the 2012 election year, ASI estimated total election­-related promotional products spending at $870 million, which means if forecasters are correct, spending on political promotional products could top the $1 billion mark in 2016.

    To show your party or candidate support, visit us at to locate your local EmbroidMe Resource Center and to view our selection of political campaign products and work with our design experts to create buzz-worthy messaging for your grass-roots campaign website, online store, debate party or rally.

  • EmbroidMe Greensboro in the News

    Amanda Hodges of EmbroidMe and Signarama of Greensboro, NC was recently featured in the website. The feature talks about Amanda's move back to NC, and opening an EmbroidMe and Signarama. Read More.


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