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  • Supporting Staff Safety with Promotional Safety Items

    first aid kitThe National Safety Council has declared June National Safety month. National Safety Month focuses on reducing injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities. You can raise awareness by engaging in safe behavior and most importantly, marketing your business as a supporter of safety in the workplace through personalized safety gear. The 2015 National Safety Months theme is What I Live For with the underlying mission of raising awareness in communities where we live and work about the importance of safety. How do we do that? Well this is a great time to update safety-training manuals, reward workers with excellent safety records and visit the National Safety Council Website for various safety materials. During the month of June, employers will participate in or sponsor a number of safe community events. EmbroidMe provides various promotional safety items your business can choose from to raise awareness this June. Try branded reflective apparel and hard hats, back support belts, first-aid kits and sunscreen to promote the importance of safety in the workplace. Personalized flashlights and keychain lights will keep everyone safe during summer storm power outages. Having your business align with the National Safety Councils mission can reflect positively on the principles of your business.

  • Back-to-College Custom Pens and Highlighters from EmbroidMe

    Back-To-College Custom Pens And Highlighters From EmbroidMeStudents will soon be flooding college campuses nationwide. Why not give them pens and highlighters with your company logo and contact information to use in class and for those long nights studying? Not only will local college students appreciate the gesture, theyll have your reminder of your business every time they use those essential pens and highlighters. When making choices in which businesses to patronize in their new environment, theyll remember yours first. EmbroidMe has hundreds of styles of pens and highlighters to choose. Select pens in college colors to show your team spirit and support. You can even choose pens with USB drives and shaped highlighters with three colors in one unit. Or choose a combination pen and highlighter! All with your companys name and logo front and center. Whatever pen or highlighter you choose, EmbroidMe makes it easy to customize these items. There are Resource Centers nationwide, so theres sure to be one near you. Our friendly staff of design professionals make the ordering process quick and easy. Stop in today or visit to place your order. The students at your local college will thank you with their loyalty and business.

  • Back-to-College Promotional Water Bottles from EmbroidMe

    water bottleStudents love promotional items, and fall is an excellent time to think about giving away personalized swag to promote your business. In September, millions of students flood college campuses, eager for the beginning of school, fraternity and sorority rush, and of course, football season! As those students come into your business, consider giving them something to remember you by and keep them coming back. You can also consider providing promotional material to your local colleges student services office to distribute to incoming students. When considering what items would work best, be sure to pick something students will reuse like water bottles. There are hundreds of styles and sizes available in a variety of materials from BPA-free plastic, squeezable or rigid, stainless steel and even collapsible. Choose from a variety of colors, but college school colors are sure to be a hit with students. Water bottles also come in a variety of sizes and styles like wide mouth, auto spout, push up and screw on cap. Choose water bottles with carabineers to make it easy for students to clip them onto backpacks. Whatever style or color of promotional water bottle you choose, EmbroidMe makes it easy to customize these items with your business logo and contact information. There are Resource Centers nationwide with design consultants ready to help make ordering fast and easy. Stop in today or visit to place your order, and youll be ready to welcome local students back in style.

  • EmbroidMe Promotes National (Get Ready) for Kindergarten Month in August


    August is around the corner and now is the time for businesses and organizations to plan their Back-to-School promotional campaign. Promotional marketing experts at EmbroidMe offer suggestions on how to participate in this month long event.

    August not only marks the time when all students return to school after summer vacation, it also marks the beginning of school for a new class of students—kindergartners. August is National Kindergarten month. This is an exciting time for nearly two million children, as well as their parents, filled with lots of firsts: first backpack, first lunch box, first school supplies and more.

    Be a part of the excitement of National Kindergarten Month by planning activities to help new kindergarten students prepare for the first day of school. Many businesses, such as schools, day care and afternoon program providers, can show their support by giving young scholars swag with personalized accessories and apparel from EmbroidMe. From backpacks and lunchboxes to pencils, EmbroidMe can customize everything with any school or business logo. Organizations can also include an inspiring message to make the items fun and memorable.

    EmbroidMe is also a leader in customized apparel. Custom t-shirts and polo shirts bearing school colors and logos will not only fill students with school pride, but they will become walking advertisement in their communities. And with increasing school safety concerns, school uniforms help staff and administrators quickly identify anyone who does not belong on campus.

    "EmbroidMe is the largest promotional product franchise that offers local in-house promotional product customization, embroidery and screen printing services," said an Embroidme Representative. "Whatever your needs, EmbroidMe has you covered for all your National Kindergarten Month needs with Resource Centers located throughout the country. Our staff of professionals will help you send kindergarten students to school in style with affordable, quality clothing and accessories imprinted or embroidered with your custom logo."

    Creative, custom apparel and accessories will have students even more excited about the first day of school. See to find a local Resource Center.

  • Hottest Summer Promotional Products

    Hottest Summer Promotional ProductsApril showers have come and gone, May flowers are blossoming, and summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan your promotional marketing programs to integrate essential products for the season. Since utility is the best way to ensure your promotional items are being used and gaining your brand exposure, its important to switch up your promotional marketing campaign whenever theres a major change in the weather. Just like window scrapers and comfy sweatshirts make brilliant promotional items in the winter, clip-on sunscreen bottles and tank tops are a sure thing in the summertime. These summer staples make excellent promotional products with their natural convenience and bright appearances. Beach towels: What better way to showcase your logos bright colors than having them printed or embroidered on a vibrant beach towel? A necessary addition to picnics or the pool, towels make excellent giveaways that are sure to get plenty of notice. Koozies: Everyone appreciates being able to enjoy a cool drink comfortably. Every warm weather guest needs a koozie, and every koozie is expected to come printed with a clever slogan or imagery which could be representing your company. Sunglasses: A must-have at the beach, BBQs, or driving in the summer sun, sunglasses make great giveaways. As a practical item, theyre likely to be kept around for a while. Every person that talks to someone wearing your promotional sunglasses is going to be staring at your brand name. Fold-out Beach Chairs: perfect for outdoor concerts, festivals and camping, a fold-out chair will be carried around at events where it can be seen by hundreds of people. The practical nature of a chair ensures that even if it does get discarded at some point, it will be given away and your brand message will live on, colorfully emblazoned on nylon. Other great ideas:

    • Sun protection! Beach umbrellas, visors, bucket hats or sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is something everyone knows they should do but always could do better. Pass out SPF lip balm at an event, and your product will be well-received and appreciated because everyone can use it.
    • Fun-in-the-sun items like giant beach balls or Frisbees associates your brand associated with good times.
    • Encourage your customers to stay hydrated with reusable water bottlers and branded coolers for their numerous outdoor activities.

    Too many options? Dont worry. Each EmbroidMe Resource Center is staffed with promotional marketing experts who can help you find the best summer giveaways for your company or organization.

  • July Marks the 30th Anniversary of National Recreation and Parks Month

    National Recreation and Parks Month Out is In with 80’s Themed Events throughout the Month of July. Support and Celebrate National Parks with EmbroidMe Branded Apparel and Items for Outdoor Festivities.

    The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of National Recreation and Parks Month during the month of July. To mark this milestone, the Park Service will be going 80's style to celebrate the era when it all began, with month long events that showcase and invite participation in outdoor activities. (

    When planning activities at National Parks this July, companies and organizations should consider coordinating groups in a distinctive 80's look with customized apparel from EmbroidMe. Wondering what looks were hot in the 80's? How about visors and fanny packs? Or maybe you remember acid wash denim and bright, neon colors. Custom loose, off the shoulder t-shirts with leggings will have employees and volunteers getting into the spirit of things. And don't forget the headbands, leg warmers and water bottles. Want to plan a cookout? How about customized aprons, grilling tools, oven mitts and coolers in matching styles and colors. Choose from over 800,000 products to commemorate the occasion spent bonding with friends and colleagues in the great outdoors.

    "EmbroidMe is the largest promotional product franchise that offers local in-house promotional product customization, embroidery and screen printing services for outdoor apparel and gear," said an Embroidme Representative.

    EmbroidMe's staff of promotional marketing experts located at Resource Centers throughout the country can help create an 80's look with affordable, quality clothing and accessories imprinted or embroidered with any customized logo. Creative, custom 80s apparel and items will build excitement to getting outdoors and having a great time at one of our beautiful national parks. July is around the corner, so now is the time to visit and find a Resource Center near you.

  • Promotional Items for Summer Camp

    campingIts almost May and, before you know it, kids will begin their summer breaks. So, you know what that means? Time to get ready for summer camp with promotional items! According to the American Camp Association website, camps are a $15 billion industry. There are more than 12,000 day and resident camps in the US, and each year 11 million children and adults attend camp with roughly 1.5 million staffers on hand to see everyone has a great experience. Whether youre hosting a sports camp or a traditional camp in the woods complete with hiking and water sports, youre going to want to stock up on personalized gear for your staff and campers! At EmbroidMe, weve got you covered. We can hook you up with T-shirts and caps, water bottles, flashlights, and even insect repellent, all embroidered or imprinted with your camps logo. Having personalized gear your campers can take home will be a lasting reminder of the great time they had and make them want to come back again and again. At EmbroidMe, we have budget friendly options to suit your needs and a promotional marketing expert to make sure you get the look and quality you want. Theres a Resource Center near you, so give us a call, and well make sure you have everything you need to make your summer camp great fun as well as memorable.

  • Common Misconceptions about Promotional Products

    Common Misconceptions About Promotional ProductsThere are a lot of misconceptions about promotional marketing and promotional products that can scare of SMBs that are new to this form of marketing. Allow us to set the record straight on these common myths: People Just Throw Them Out Everyone has received some kind of item branded with a companys logo and/or an organizations message. A lot of people try to argue that these items are thrown away and forgotten, but a study by ASI shows that these items are actually held onto for an average of about six months. Once they are no longer kept by the owner, over half are passed on to another person, continuing the branding impression. They Dont Make an Impression Given that people hold onto their promotional items for six months, its clear theres an impression made. And, according to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) research, 89% of consumers can recall the name of an advertiser whose promotional product they received within the last 24 months. However the kind of impression made is dependent on the type of product and promotional marketing campaign. There are products that are better for greater visibility such as promotional bags, branded apparel and logoed writing instruments that are seen by many wherever they travel and are easily passed on. Products that foster a deeper connection with their recipient include USB drives, wellness items prized for their utility and delicious edible marketing. You Cant Tell If Theyre Effective We know marketers love to track return on investment (ROI) how can you tell if handing out a branded water bottle is even effective?

    • Havent you noticed QR codes popping up on everything from direct mail to printed napkins at restaurants? Add a code to your printed koozies! The code can track your prospect back to the koozie you handed out at the green market on Saturday. The same goes for a unique URL. A special web address can lead to a landing page developed specifically for your koozie campaign, making tracking efforts a breeze.
    • Call-to-action (CTA): coupon code for a discount, a gift with purchase, BoGo, make them an offer! And then print it out along with your logo on your promotional products of choice. Customers will mention it and lead you back to the promotional item containing that offer.
    • Tracking number: nothing illustrates ROI like a phone call. Imprint a unique phone number on your products and youll know for sure theyre working for their money.

    Too Expensive Marketers want the most profitable form of marketing thats why they track and measure ROI. To understand what is getting them the best bang for their buck, they use a cost-per-impression metric (CPI). Promotional products are actually one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, they have a CPI similar to spot ads on radio or online display, averaging $0.005 per impression. Thats a far better CPI than with prime-time TV and big-time print. The fluidity of these products means your marketing dollars can go a whole lot further. Try to Get Them Cheap This same study shows that people keep items they consider to be useful. Considering the length of time a promotional product is kept, wouldnt you want it to be better quality so it will last long enough to leave a good impression instead of one of poor quality? Theres a difference between getting affordable products and cheap ones. Bang for your buck assumes theres real value in your purchase, and for that, the item needs to last awhile. Do you want your company to be associated with a piece of junk, easily discarded? No. You want your brands imagery to appear on something that satisfies needs, innovative with a great look and feel you want your branded item to leave your prospect thinking, How thoughtful! Cant Reach New Consumers True, you think of promotional products as a way to cultivate customer loyalty but passing out products to prospects is known to be effective as well. In an ASI study, 31% of consumers said they would be likely to do business with a brand after receiving a logoed item this likelihood increases according to the item itself. Apparel, USB drives and tote bags are big. Anything unique, designed with care is going to increase the likelihood you will win your way into their daily lives. No New Products Like any industry, promotional products are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Every year thousands of new, innovative products are launched at the PPAI expo, which is one of the largest trade shows in the United States we recently bogged about this years revelations here. Promotional products are a $19.83 billion industry, and it continues to grow every year. All Promo Businesses Are the Same There are two types of promo companies you either have a mom and pop shop or a huge company that exists solely as an online store. What makes EmbroidMe stand out is they have combined the pluses of each dynamic. Each EmbroidMe has a local Resource Center with a local owner, but at their disposal are the resources of a massive corporation, state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience in the industry and over 800,000 items from which to choosewhile still delivering one-on-one quality customer service! Know of any more myths about promotional products? Tell us in the comment section. Contact your local Resource Center to speak with a promotional marketing expert who will personally guide you in the development of your new promotional product campaign.

  • Finding the Best Customized Clothing for Your Organization

    poloStocking your gift shop or boutique with customized clothing is a great way to increase profits, attract attention and boost sales. Customized or custom apparel make an excellent addition to your existing product line and can keep your customers coming again and again. Custom clothing is also great for companies, sports teams and academic organizations. Custom Team Apparel One form of popular customized clothing is team apparel. Outfit the team in your colors and print your logo or symbol on the front with players names and numbers on the back. You can get as creative as you want with custom team apparel, imprinting items like small graphics, slogans and custom lettering. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizable clothing for your sports team. And of course, team supporters will want shirts and hats as well! Fraternity and Sorority Apparel Welcome your new members with customized t-shirts, caps, polos and outerwear. Customized apparel makes great gifts for new and old members alike. Perfect for showing off your greek pride during your next community service event, fraternity and sorority custom apparel will help you to stand out on campus and in the community. You can find customized fraternity and sorority apparel in your organization's colors and highlight it with your logos and symbols. Corporate Apparel Whether you are planning a uniform program for your office staff or simply want to provide incentives to your sales staff, there is no better choice than customized clothing. Windbreakers, embroidered polos and fleece jackets with your company's logo can make cost-effective gifts to inspire your sales force. Custom uniforms will help boost your team's image, encourage healthy competition and increase camaraderie. Custom corporate apparel comes in a variety of styles to fit your company's needs. Companies, organizations and retailers have trusted the specialists at EmbroidMe for over a decade. Our global network of entrepreneurs operate Resource Centers in every major city in the United States as well as locations abroad. These specialists can assist in identifying and customizing products that meet your needs. EmbroidMe offers diversified promotional products, custom embroidery and screen printing. Whether you are looking for customized clothing, branded accessories or apparel, you can find it at EmbroidMe. Contact a Resource Center for a custom quote today.

  • March 2015 Is the Right Time to Support National Nutrition Month

    "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle" is the theme for National Nutrition Month – March 2015. Sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the campaign is designed to bring awareness to the importance of making wise food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

    With American obesity reaching record numbers in recent years, businesses can make a strong statement by promoting National Nutrition Month in their communities. EmbroidMe suggests planning a promotional marketing campaign that will support the effort to encourage healthy living.

    The strategic use of promotional marketing products can be a fun way to raise awareness in the community and impact an important national cause. EmbroidMe offers a wide assortment of promotional items that can be customized with a company's name and logo, along with the slogan of the national campaign. Insulated lunch boxes, portion control tools, calorie counters or other kitchen items would be great ideas to support National Nutrition Month.

    March 2015 is also National Caffeine Awareness Month, designed to spotlight alternatives to coffee and its harmful effects. Your company can promote the message along with the logo and company name with decaffeinated teas, gift sets and mugs.

    Both of these national efforts can be supported with educational materials in the place of business too. Customer service teams can wear nametags or buttons and give wristbands to customers, encouraging them to join the effort. Educational materials printed with information about the national campaigns provide helpful reminders that customers can take home.

    "March marks the beginning of spring and is the perfect time to align a business with healthy eating and habits," said an Embroidme Representative. "Your local EmbroidMe Resource Center will assist in building a fun and valuable promotion that will excite the community."

    For more information about these national campaigns, visit and

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