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  • EmbroidMe Store Owner Named Semi-Finalist in Microsoft Small Business Contest

    We are excited to announce the selection of EmbroidMe store owner, Maria Emma, as one of the semi-finalists in the Microsoft for Work Small Business Contest. The contest shows an appreciation of SMBs contribution to the economy. According to SBA, SMBs make up half of the national workforce and account for 54% of sales in the US. The call for SMB owners to share their stories works in recognition of their enterprising spirit and serves as an inspiration to others. See the video for the contest here. See Maria Emmas submission here. Click HERE and scroll down to find EmbroidMe and click the VOTE button! You can vote once per day, through your Facebook profile, until January 30th at midnight. After you vote, click the "Share on Facebook" and "Share on Twitter" buttons to spread the word! Show your support for Maria and the EmbroidMe brand by voting today and every day.

  • EME New Tampa/Wesley Chapel, FL Featured in USA Today

    SignaramaUSA Today - Beatriz Cardona-Hiller and EmbroidMe New Tampa/Wesley Chapel, FL owner, Beatriz Cardona-Hiller, was featured today in USA Today's Moneysection talking about women in franchising and their prospects with multiple franchise opportunities. Check out the full article hereUSA Today - Beatriz Cardona-Hiller.

    Source: USA Today Money

  • EmbroidMe Celebrates Earth Day's 45th Anniversary

    With increasing concerns about the environmental threats of climate change, species extinction and increased chemical exposure, communities across the United States are taking action for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Building on the slogan A Billion Acts of Green®, the Earth Day Network is organizing campaigns to seek engagement around the world.

    The first Earth Day was conceived in 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. After touring the devastation caused by a vast oil spill in the Santa Barbara, CA area, Senator Nelson saw the opportunity to bring government attention to man-made threats to the environment. The first day dedicated to Mother Earth was April 22, 1970; and with an estimated 20 million Americans participating, a new movement was launched.

    Over the last four decades, environmental awareness has become a global, year-round mission which has been supported by legislation in the United States, including the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

    "There is no better way to position a business as a leader than to take a proactive approach to a globally-recognized event such as Earth Day," said an Embroidme Representative. "EmbroidMe specialists can develop a promotional product for the 45th anniversary celebration that will extend the reach of any community's efforts."

    There are many opportunities to build a community program that targets a specific green initiative. Choose a location that needs beautifying or bring awareness to energy wastefulness. Focus on regional wildlife or recreational trails. Check local waterways or places to increase recycling efforts. Then, create a new slogan or join the A Billion Acts of Green® network, and support the campaign with promotional T-shirts, caps, water bottles, mugs or bags from EmbroidMe. Build a commitment to protect planet Earth.

    To learn more about Earth Day campaigns, visit

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel. For more information about and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of EmbroidMe's on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

  • EmbroidMe Offers Easy Ways to Boost Employee Morale

    professionalsIn many organizations, the team starts off strong, steaming full speed ahead into a new project. At some point, however, motivation may start to wane, and your staff will start to suffer from a loss of momentum. Boosting team morale is key to having employees that go the extra mile and give 100% to your organization. Opt for a Change of Scenery Don't let the doldrums of work life drag down your team. Small changes in the workplace can make a huge difference in giving your staff a new outlook. Order new chairs in vibrant colors or add in new plants to give your office life. A fresh coat of paint, a new coffee maker and even a change in lighting can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Thank Them Showing appreciation for your team does not have to involve an elaborate ceremony. Simply thanking them for their hard work and dedication can go a long way toward lifting spirits. Publicly recognize them at staff meetings and in front of company executives. Periodically host an event in which you give out awards and trophies to the top performers on your team. Not only will this motivate your winners, it will inspire the other team members to strive for excellence. Remind Them of Your Purpose If your company is a non-profit, engage your team with people they are helping. Let behind-the-scenes workers know that their accounting work, for example, makes it possible to carry out your charity's mission. For-profit companies can use this strategy as well. If your team is working on a new computer program or developing a marketing plan, let them see their work in action by showing them the finished product. Listen to Them Allow your staff to make suggestions about how to improve the workplace. People feel valued when their opinions are taken into consideration. Enact the changes they suggest and allow them to see real progress. Offer awards for the team members with the most innovative ideas. A desktop acrylic award is a great way to show your team members that their opinions are valued. Rewarding your staff is key to keeping them motivated and boosting morale. There are many ways that you can show them how much they are appreciated, from awards and trophies to custom apparel and more. EmbroidMe is the most trusted name is embroidered apparel, custom awards and diversified promotional products. Find an EmbroidMe resource center today.

  • EmbroidMe Expansion Plans for 2015

    EmbroidMe was recently featured in, the release talks about EmbroidMe's plans for expansion in 2015. It also notes, that EmbroidMe is ranked #143 in the Franchise 500. Additionally, EmbroidMe is ranked 17th in the Advertising Specialty Institute's Top 40 Distributor list. For the entire article, click the image below. eme-plans-expansion-2015-sm

  • State of the Industry: Promotional Products in 2014

    promo-productsIn its annual promotional products usage survey, the American Specialties Institute reports the growth of promotional products in 2014. The survey touts promotional items as a key component of any brands marketing strategy, finding they prove to be not only impactful, but cost-effective. Promotional giveaways were seen to be kept by prospects and customers for up to nine months, garnering logo impressions with every use. The result was a reported 85% recall factor of the brand name, with 36% of those individuals saying they are likely to support that company in the future. Popular promotional products in order of longevity:

    • Calendars (kept for 9 months)
    • Outerwear (7.3 months)
    • Drinkware (7.1 months)
    • Bags (6.8 months)
    • Desk/Office Accessories (6 months)
    • Shirts (5.8 months)
    • Health/Safety Items (5.5 months)
    • Writing Instruments (5.3 months)

    The most popular reason (given by 77% of individuals surveyed) for keeping a promotional item was its usefulness. Others cited an items attractiveness or stated it was simply enjoyable to have. Promotional items that arent kept are often, according to 63% of respondents, given away to another person; thereby continuing to promote brand awareness and prove a valuable investment. In a cost analysis of promotional products vs. other advertising media, the average cost of promotional products was a measly $0.005/unit. The resulting cost-per-impression is about the same as spot radio ads and is even lower than running ads in prime time television or print. This illustrates how giving away items featuring their logo is a cost effective marketing solution for small businesses as well as large corporations. Our predictions for promotional product trends in 2015 include a continuing surge in demand for custom tech gear and staple merchandise, such as sunglasses and eco-friendly bags. A few standout products in 2014 were flame-retardant gear, plastic wine glasses and etched wine glasses for fabulous customer appreciation gifts. We expect to see more recycled items produced and continued growth of green initiatives, as well as rechargeable batteries, stress relievers and the ever-popular custom pencils. Its been a great year in promotional marketing! Stay tuned for our review of the latest roll-outs after the convention in January.

  • Celebrate a Great Year with Business Gifts

    business gifts Your logo can be embossed on a leather-bound agenda or engraved on an executive's pen for business gifts
    Family and friends aside, who are the people you appreciate the most? Your clients, of course! The holidays are a perfect time to say thank you and strengthen your relationship. Set aside some time to determine the most clever and creative gift for your clients. Its the thought that counts, so choose a present that is delightful and memorable. Include your logo or company message, but remember to keep it discreet and tasteful. This is not the time to be actively promoting your company. When selecting a gift for your corporate clients, choose carefully. Consider unique items, such as on-the-go phone chargers or upscale luggage tags, which will be used outside the office environment. Consider handy items such as kitchen gadgets or writing instruments that will be used again and again. Consider timeless favorites like calendars, with daydream inspiring vacation photography. With a range of exceptional gift ideas in stock and the resources to find a perfect custom item, our specialists will work with you to select the right gift and tastefully add your companys holiday message. Depending on the size of your shopping list and your budget, EmbroidMes unique 8-step process will help you determine the perfect present. What about the other most appreciated people your team? EmbroidMe has thousands of ideas to show them how much you care. Tote bags, backpacks, cozy throws or socks, flash drives or chocolates are a few popular holiday gifts. Remember that a pretty package is just as important as whats inside. Use the opportunity to add a customized holiday card with a personal message. Your gift will be remembered throughout the year.

  • Prepare for Next Year's Business Conventions

    The key to a successful business convention is preparation. The beginning of the year is convention season - so start planning now! Make the most out of your next convention and get the best value for your branding investment by following a few simple tips from the promotional marketing experts at EmbroidMe. Research in Advance Do a little homework and get some insider information about the convention attendees. Find out what the industry professionals are saying about the event. You may be able to find out information that will make great talking points with key players in your industry. Keep up-to-date on industry blogs and news to be able to keep up with conversations. Outfit Your Team A convention is your company's time to shine. Represent your company well with embroidered business shirts that feature your company's logo or slogan. Not only will this make your company look more professional, it will leave a lasting impression with everyone you meet. Golf shirts, woven shirts and blazers make excellent custom apparel choices for your next convention. Get Business Cards This should be a no-brainer, but many people find themselves at conferences without any business cards. You will be meeting hundreds or thousands of potential contacts. Make sure that you can exchange information with them easily. Bring more business cards than you think you will need. Keep a small business card holder on hand to collect business cards from other attendees. Prepare Your Elevator Pitch An elevator pitch is a 15 second script that tells people what your company is about. It should be short enough that you can pitch it in the time that you ride in an elevator. Make sure to include information about what your company does, how you deliver your products and how you can be contacted. Select Your Sessions Some business conventions offer informational sessions that you can select in advance. It is helpful to go through and review the session outline before you arrive. Plan your day around your sessions to maximize your time at the event. If you need to register, do so as quickly as possible because the best sessions fill up quickly. Finding the best business shirts to outfit your team is critical to business success. EmbroidMe is the industry leader in printed and embroidered garments with over a decade of experience. Find an EmbroidMe Resource Center and outfit your team today.

  • January is National Blood Donor Month

    female doctorSupport the annual American Red Cross blood drive with promotional products from EmbroidMe.

    The holiday season is a reflection of gratitude by many Americans. This is the perfect time to highlight the importance of giving the gift of life.  January is National Blood Donor Month, and perpetuates the spirit of giving.

    Businesses can make valuable contributions to the American Red Cross nationwide blood drive by planning now to support this effort. EmbroidMe suggests planning a promotional marketing campaign that will spread goodwill throughout the holiday season and beyond.  All businesses can show their support and encourage clients and customers to give blood in January.

    The strategic use of promotional marketing tactics can raise awareness in the community and impact an important national cause.  A company-wide effort can be encouraged by distributing pens or notepads that have a timely message. "Give the Gift of Life, Support National Blood Donor Month - January 2015," along with the company's name and logo, shows commitment and promotes action.

    Customer service teams can wear nametags or buttons and give wristbands to customers, encouraging them to join the effort. Educational materials printed with locations and times for giving blood are helpful reminders customers can take home. With the company's logo, these align the business with the American Red Cross and local collection centers, creating a partnership in the minds of customers.

    The benefits of using promotional items to support this cause will establish awareness of the business linking it to a nationwide campaign - smart business for everyone. More importantly, the company can take pride in knowing it has made a difference in the lives of many individuals.

    "Make a New Year's resolution now to support National Blood Donor month in your community," said an Embroidme Representative. "Your local EmbroidMe Resource Center will assist in building your leadership with a valuable campaign."

    A simple donation of blood has a tremendous impact – it can save someone's life. Each pint of blood received by the Red Cross offers hope to someone in need. For more information about contributing in your city, visit .

  • Branded Embroidered Lab Coats

    Whether for departmental identification purposes or client-facing branding, professionally embroidered lab coats from EmbroidMe provide a clean and classic look for staff, while effectively communicating the brand.

    There is a certain trust given by the public to people in lab coats; they are the doctors, engineers, and researchers we see as essential to a healthy standard of living.

    When you walk into a pharmacy, you are greeted by the pharmacist and assistants in their embroidered lab coats, proudly displaying their names, credentials and the name of the establishment. Should you have questions, you will know right away if you are addressing the appropriate person.

    In other sectors, like research and engineering, those lab coats make key people identifiable internally. The company name and logo will appear, along with the name and department of the person wearing the coat. Coats and personal identifiers can be color coded to improve efficiency in high-stress situations, for example on an oil and gas jobsite or in an emergency room. When every minute counts, being able to identify the right person quickly is essential.

    EmbroidMe, the world's largest retail embroidery franchise, is an industry leader in quality branding. Embroidered lab coats from EmbroidMe will be produced with utmost care and attention to detail, with the stitching designed to last through multiple washes and tough days on the job.

    Contact your nearest EmbroidMe Resource Center to find out more about custom embroidered lab coats for your staff.

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