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  • Design your 2016 Promotional Calendars with EmbroidMe

    Design Your 2016 Promotional Calendars With EmbroidMePromotional calendars present a great opportunity to get your clients to remember you all year long! With a New Year promotional marketing campaign featuring calendars, the earlier you start, the better; and weve only got three months left. You want to be the first to distribute your calendar so that they are already hanging on their walls when the clock strikes midnight, January 1, 2016. Calendars are a practical item, rarely bought nowadays, but always appreciated. Visual and highly customizable, promotional calendars needs to be designed carefully, taking the variety of products and themes into consideration.

    1. Traditional wall calendar: Visually striking wall calendars are memorable and easy to see from your office window. These calendars are a popular item but only as good as the pictures that fill them, so think about what theme best represents your company and appeals to your client!
      • Flora and fauna - natural landscapes, outer space, puppies
      • Inspirational - religious images, fitness and healthy lifestyle motivation
      • Masculine cars and cocktails
    2. Magnetic calendars: One of these stuck on the office fridge rakes in brand impressions. Compact and made to be stuck on desks, walls and cupboards, magnetic calendars can be cut in virtually any shape for an eye-catching design that mimics your logo.
    3. Desk calendars: These calendars sport great utility. Always handy, desk calendars keep reminders timely, ensuring youre on task and giving dimension to desks everywhere. As for your brands logo? You cant miss it.
    4. Weekly/monthly planners: Forget the smartphone! A traditional planner keeps you organized without the distraction. Recepients are reminded they have your brand to thank every time they cross off to-dos, schedule appointments, and plan their day.

    What a great way to show your clients appreciation while conspicuously placing your brand in front of them for another year!

  • Businesses Spotlight Men's Health in Movember


    November has been rebranded Movember by the Movember Foundation, a global organization committed to "changing the face of men's health." The Movember Foundation asks men to grow moustaches (Mo's) during Movember to initiate conversations about and raise funds for men's health programs, with a focus on prostate and testicular cancer. Beginning back in 2003 in Australia, the Movember movement has spread to 21 countries and has raised $559 million to date.

    Men known as Mo Bros shave their faces on Movember 1st and grow a moustache for the month. They grow and groom their new Mos, asking friends, family and corporate sponsors to donate to their efforts. Mo Bros use their new Mos as talking points to discuss men's health and gain sponsorship. Money raised by Mo Bros goes to the Movember Foundation to support men's health programs.

    Businesses can support employees and clients participating in Movember by offering them Movember-related promotional products from EmbroidMe. The time to design and order Movember promotional products to be ready by November - or Movember - is now.

    Businesses can:

    • Sponsor their employees and clients participating in Movember (Mo Bros) by providing a financial donation
    • Sponsor Mo Bros by handing out branded Movember promotional products that they can use and wear to generate support for their Movember fundraising efforts.

    Companies sponsoring Mo Bros in their support of men's health can work with an EmbroidMe Resource Center to develop customized moustache products emblazoned with their logo or company name. For example, a business can design t-shirts with its logo, the image of a moustache, and a "Made in Movember" tagline. EmbroidMe also offers moustache pins, moustache silicone or slap bracelets and moustache keychain/bottle openers. Businesses can make it easy for Mo Bros to keep their moustaches trimmed and stylish by handing out branded electric shavers. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    An Embroidme Representative says: "Businesses participating in Movember with EmbroidMe's promotional products will be supporting men's health while simultaneously promoting their brands. EmbroidMe offers the ability to customize products that will convey the message that a company cares about promoting men's health and has fun doing it."

    About EmbroidMe With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel. For more information about and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of EmbroidMe's on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

  • Fitness and Wellness Promotional Products

    Fitness And Wellness Promotional ProductsMore and more companies have realized that keeping employees healthy has a positive impact on their bottom lines. Some of the reasons companies have become attuned to their employees health and wellness include: health care cost savings, improved productivity and decreased sick leave. This embrace of employee health and wellness has led to companies starting wellness programs to help employees stop smoking and lose weight, preventive health screenings, even on-site fitness centers. Offering your employees fitness-related promotional products is an excellent way to complement or jump-start your companys wellness program. EmbroidMe offers a wide variety of fitness-related promotional products that you can brand with your companys design or logo, including:

    • Food and Fitness Journals Journals that allow users to track daily exercise routines and food intake, including calories, fat grams and carbohydrates.
    • Fitness Towels Customizable light, ultra-absorbent towels available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials such as microfiber or terry cotton.
    • Pedometers EmbroidMe offers a range of pedometers, from those that just measure steps to those that measure steps, miles, kilometers and calories and include wireless technology that transfers data to a smartphone, tablet or computer.
    • Sports Bottles Available in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and materials, these eco-friendly alternatives to non-reusable water bottles are sure to keep your employees and clients hydrated.

    With custom promotional fitness and wellness products from EmbroidMe you can promote your brand while encouraging your employees and customers alike to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  • Businesses Support America Recycles Day with Custom Recycled Items from EmbroidMe


    November 15th is America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful, the nation's leading nonprofit organization that promotes building and sustaining vibrant communities. America Recycles Day is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and use recycled products.

    Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away and subsequently turning them into new products. There are many benefits to recycling and using recycled products, such as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserving natural resources, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that recycling and composting efforts in 2013 saved 1.1 quadrillion BTU of energy, the equivalent of energy consumed by over 10 million U.S. households in a year.

    There are many ways for businesses to participate in America Recycles Day, and the time to prepare recycled promotional products to be ready for November 15th is now.

    Businesses can:

    • Organize or sponsor an event that promotes education about recycling - educating would-be recyclers about what items are recyclable in their communities, and when, where and how to recycle different items
    • Host an in-office challenge that offers a prize to the individual or department that recycles the most materials between now and America Recycles Day
    • Organize or sponsor a recycling collection event that encourages local residents to bring in recyclable items such as mobile devices, electronics, batteries or ink cartridges

    Companies engaged in these events can further the recycling cause by working with an EmbroidMe Resource Center to develop custom products emblazoned with their logo and made from recyclable materials, and passing them out to attendees. For more information about hosting or attending an America Recycles Day event visit

    Businesses interested in mounting an America Recycles Day promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready by November 15th.

    EmbroidMe features many items made from recycled materials to pass out to attendees of America Recycles Day events. They include pens, koozies, eco tote bags, appointment calendars and pocket sliders that feature hints for recycling. Places of business that promote an in-office challenge to recycle can reward the most prolific recyclers with paperweights made from recycled materials. All recycled promotional products can be imprinted with business logos. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    An Embroidme Representative says: "Brands participating in America Recycles Day will be seen as caring corporate citizens. Whatever role a business or organization decides to play in this nationally-recognized day, EmbroidMe offers the ability to customize products that will convey the message that your brand cares about promoting a sustainable future."

  • Promotional Outdoor Drinkware

    Promotional Outdoor DrinkwareWith Labor Day fast approaching, its time to enjoy whats left of summer with picnics, barbecues, festivals and outdoor parties. What outdoor summer celebration would be complete without drinkware designed to keep drinks and guests cool? EmbroidMe offers a wide array of eco-friendly, reusable drinkware designed to keep beverages cold:

    • Mason Jars Those looking for a down-home feel need look no further than Mason jars for sipping iced tea or lemonade on hot days. EmbroidMe offers customizable Mason jars made out of a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, acrylic, and ceramic. EmbroidMes full assortment of Mason jars includes those with and without lids, and with and without straws.
    • Reusable Solo Cups An eco-friendly twist on the red, disposable solo cup, these cups are made of reusable plastic and feature double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold without freezing hands. Available in 16-oz. and 2-oz. sizes.
    • Tumblers Quench your thirst with one of EmbroidMes many made-to-order tumblers. Tumblers are the perfect type of drinkware to keep drinks cool. Available in acrylic or plastic, in a variety of colors and sizes, and with or without lids and straws, tumblers are versatile and always in demand.
    • Plastic Wine Glasses EmbroidMe offers plastic, imprintable wine glasses for drinking wine or sangria without the worry of shattering glass. Some of EmbroidMes plastic wine glasses feature lids and straws, ideal for keeping wine cold outside and on the go.

    Businesses looking to promote their brands can imprint their logo, name, or custom design on all of these drinkware products available from EmbroidMe. Clients, potential clients and employees will appreciate these cups and glasses, and businesses will gain visibility due to the reusable nature of the drinkware. Businesses can hand these items out for free or offer them for resale. Heres a recipe for sweet iced tea, the perfect drink to enjoy on hot summer days: Ingredients: Original recipe makes 2 quarts; ready in 3 hours, 20 minutes

    • 1 pinch baking soda
    • 2 cups boiling water
    • 6 tea bags
    • cup white sugar
    • 6 cups cool water


    1. Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda into a 64-ounce, heat-proof container. Pour in boiling water, and add tea bags. Cover, and allow tea to steep for 15 minutes.
    2. Remove tea bags and discard them. Stir in sugar until fully dissolved. Pour in cold water, then refrigerate until cold. Pour into glass pitcher to serve. Garnish with lemon.
  • Benefits to Business-Casual Office Apparel

    professionalsMany companies especially tech-based companies such as Google and Facebook are embracing more casual dress at work. Where does your company stand on business-casual attire? Should your staff be allowed to dress more casually at work, or is formal business attire linked to better performance in the workplace? This post details some research that has been conducted on the effects that workplace attire has on companies. Research has shown that the formality of ones dress at work does not affect worker productivity, so dont worry that employees dressing down in casual or business-casual wear will make them less effective or efficient at their jobs. Other research points to direct benefits of a more casual dress code at work. In one study, for example, managers and executives dressing more casually led to more open communication between them and their employees and also an increase in morale. Another study found that executives who traded their typical formal business attire for business-casual clothing became more approachable to staff members because employees found the executives less intimidating and the executives themselves felt more comfortable. Finally, there is a strong preference for business-casual wear among Millennials. Thus, affording your employees the opportunity to dress more casually while still dressing professionally may help your business attract a younger demographic to your workforce. EmbroidMe offers a variety of business-casual products for those companies that want to offer their employees branded business-casual clothing to wear at work. Logos can be added to:

    • Polo shirts
    • Button-down oxfords
    • Dress shirts
    • Short and long-sleeved t-shirts
    • Fleece jackets

    EmbroidMe has local Resource Centers all across the country. Contact one today to design and order business-casual apparel for your employees and see firsthand the benefits that business-casual wear can bring.

  • Businesses Support American Diabetes Month with Custom Items from EmbroidMe


    November is American Diabetes Month, an annual campaign to promote awareness of and education about the disease that affects nearly 30 million children and adults in the U.S. Diabetes is a pervasive and pernicious disease that causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Complications from diabetes include increased risk of stroke and heart disease, kidney failure, nervous system disease, and nontraumatic lower-limb amputations. In addition to the nearly 30 million diagnosed cases of diabetes in the U.S., an estimated 86 million Americans have prediabetes and are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. In its most recent study the American Diabetes Association estimated the total cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2012 was $245 billion.

    American Diabetes Month shines a spotlight on this devastating disease and on the importance of both calculating one's personal risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, and on how making simple lifestyle changes - such as losing weight or quitting smoking - can reduce the risk of developing the disease.

    There are many ways for businesses to participate in American Diabetes Month, and the time to prepare a promotional cause marketing campaign for November is now. Businesses can:

    • Fund local charity walks that support diabetes research
    • Join or start a national team in The Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes National Team Program, a team-building program sponsored by the American Diabetes Association that engages employees and their families to stay healthy and make a difference in their communities
    • Sponsor annual diabetes awareness programs that explain the connection between diet, exercise and developing Type 2 diabetes
    • Promote public service announcements that remind about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in preventing and combating diabetes

    On a smaller scale, businesses can simply raise awareness about the disease by developing custom products emblazoned with their logo and messages about diabetes and passing them out to employees and clients.

    Businesses interested in mounting an American Diabetes Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for November.

    Ideas for custom products to pass out to employees and clients or at charity walks and health education workshops are plentiful. They include promotional diabetic recipe calendars and cookbooks, food and fitness journals, and fitness products such as pedometers, fitness belt pouches and duffel bags. All promotional products can be imprinted with business logos and messages about diabetes. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

    An Embroidme Representative says: "Whatever role a business decides to play in promoting American Diabetes Month, EmbroidMe offers businesses the ability to customize products that will convey the message that a business cares about those affected by diabetes. Businesses should place their orders now to make sure they are ready for the American Diabetes Month campaign in November."

  • EmbroidMe of Bel Air Featured in MDBIZNews

    Dan Dubell, Chris Grohman and Jeff Mitchell recently combined their business experience into a new local venture, EmbroidMe of Bel Air.

    Dubell previously worked as Director of Operations for 56 Taco Bell and KFC locations over 10 years, while Mitchell worked for the same group for nine. The two teamed up and entered the embroidery business together in 2003, which they recently converted into an EmbroidMe franchise. Grohman, a youth minister, later joined the duo after meeting Dubell through charity work.

    EmbroidMe was recently ranked 20th by The Advertising Specialty Institutes Counselor magazine in its annual Top 40 Distributors listing. The ranking recognizes the top distributors in the promotional products industry based on the previous years gross revenue.

    Read the full article here: MDBIZNews

    EmbroidMe of Bel Air Featured in MDBIZNews


  • EmbroidMe of Kingsville and Corpus Christi in Franchising World

    Recently, Carol Geryk of EmbroidMe Kingsville and Corpus Christi was interviewed by Franchising World. In the article Carol talks about how community outreach helps her multi-unit business thrive. carol-geryk-kingsville Source: Franchising World

  • Top Summer Safety Promotional Products from EmbroidMe

    Promo-beachIts summer and the sun is shining. Beach and lake outings, backyard barbecues, camping, festivals, sporting events, they all have one thing in common time spent outdoors! Summer is an ideal season to develop promotional products to market your business. Its also a season where safety from the sun, the heat, and the bugs are a top concern. Below youll find some of our top summer safety promotional products, perfect for advertising budgets of all sizes.

    • Personalized Bottled Water In the heat of the summer everyone needs to stay well-hydrated. Branded, recyclable water bottles are a great marketing tool for handing out to potential and current customers or for resale at outdoor events like races and festivals. EmbroidMe offers branded bottled waters in an assortment of sizes.
    • Sports Bottles Help people stay cool and hydrated all summer with EmbroidMes wide selection of custom sports bottles! EmbroidMe offers custom sports bottles in a variety of colors, designs, sizes and materials, perfect for every marketing budget. Not just for sporting events, sports bottles are perfect for any summer venue and will get reused again and again, offering your brand high visibility.
    • Sunglasses and Sunglass Holders Sunglasses and sunglass holders have staying power throughout the summer months, and virtually year-round. Branded sunglasse, perhaps accompanied with embroidered lanyards to keep them handy, will wow your clients with a product that will protect their eyes.
    • Sunscreen No matter the outdoor summer activity, one essential summer product is sunscreen. Sunscreen branded with your companys name and logo can travel everywhere, reminding customers and potential customers that your brand is synonymous with fun and safety in the sun. EmbroidMe offers a variety of sunscreen containers, sunscreen sticks, bottles, even lotion pocket packs, with levels of protection from SPF 15 to SPF 50.
    • Insect Repellent Summer events tend to revolve around camaraderie. But one type of guest that is never welcome at outdoor events yet continually on hand? Biting insects. Thus a great summer marketing product is branded insect repellent. Insect repellent is something everyone keeps handy when venturing outdoors. EmbroidMe offers branded insect repellent in a variety of forms: sprays, wipes, even a mosquito repellent digital travel alarm clock! Your brand will never be far out of reach this summer if you create insect-repellent products with your companys name on them.
    • Auto Shades Summer is the season for high temperatures and nowhere is hotter than a car thats been sitting out in the sun unprotected for a prolonged period of time. Passengers everywhere will appreciate the cooling effect of an auto shade branded with your companys name on it. Your logo will be front and center in parking lots all around town when you offer a custom auto shade from EmbroidMe.

    EmbroidMe has local Resource Centers available nationwide so theres an EmbroidMe convenient to your location staffed with an expert team of design consultants to help you create the perfect promotional products for your business. Give a local EmbroidMe a call today or visit online to help your customers and potential customers stay safe this summer with branded promotional products from EmbroidMe.

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