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  • Get Your Pink On | Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Support the fight for a cure by raising awareness through customized breast cancer awareness promotional products. EmbroidMe has a wealth of options and ideas for those looking to think pink this October. Promotional products raise awareness for breast cancer research and make great gifts for customers or employees participating in walks, runs and other breast cancer fundraisers. Here are some of our most popular breast cancer awareness promotional products that are customizable for your company. Continue reading

  • Support Company Wellness with Promotional Products and Apparel

    Company Wellness that Helps Your Employees and Brand

    Company wellness programs and initiatives are prominent among businesses today, with more companies fostering the idea that health and productivity are closely related to one another. There are many different ways to encourage healthy lifestyles through a company wellness program. However, what you may not have thought of is the effect that promotional products and custom apparel can have on the success of your wellness program. Read on to learn more about the effects of promotional products and custom apparel on company wellness programs, and how incorporating these into your wellness program can help employees achieve their wellness goals. Continue reading

  • What to Include in Your Promotional Marketing Budget

    Promotional Marketing Budget Factors & Considerations

    You have probably heard that promotional products are a cost-effective way to promote your business, but you may not know how this affects your marketing budget. The percentage of spend used for promotional marketing varies by business, but on average is about twenty percent of the entire marketing budget. Below are factors and considerations to take into account when deciding on where to allocate your promotional marketing budget. Continue reading

  • Build Team Spirit with Custom School Athletic Gear and Apparel

    Get Your Teams Ready with Customized School Athletic Gear

    It’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming school year, and your school’s athletic department is the perfect place to start. Your school’s athletic gear and apparel are a symbol of not only your team, but your entire school as well. Give your school’s teams something to look forward to in the upcoming school year with custom school athletic gear. From customized apparel to practice equipment, everyone is sure to appreciate new school athletic gear. Read on for popular items that are perfect for any school’s athletic department.  Continue reading

  • Get Ready for Game Day with Custom Football Tailgating Gear

    Whether you are in the stands or in the parking lot, everyone wants to get in on the action of representing their favorite team. True fans love all kinds of promotional products that let them show off their team spirit. When it comes to America’s favorite sport of football, fans love nothing more than cheering on their team with custom team apparel and gear. Make sure your company or organization is fully prepared to represent your team spirit with custom football tailgating gear from EmbroidMe. Here are some of our favorite tailgating promotional products for your group to bring to the next game day.   Continue reading

  • 5 Benefits of School Uniforms | EmbroidMe

    What are the Benefits of School Uniforms?

    For many private schools, uniforms aren’t anything new. However, most public schools in the United States do not implement school uniforms, regardless of the their many benefits. Requiring students to wear school uniforms can drastically improve their learning environment and mindset, while improving school safety and academic discipline among students. Implementing school uniforms can positively impact students, parents and schools as a whole. Read on to find out the benefits of school uniforms and why all schools should implement school uniforms. Continue reading

  • Represent Your Fraternity or Sorority with Custom Greek Gear

    From rush week to formals and every event on the Greek life calendar, fraternities and sororities have custom Greek gear and apparel for all kinds of occasions. However, representing one’s chapter does not end with clothing, as many students customize their dorm rooms, cars and school supplies, as well. EmbroidMe offers custom Greek gear and promotional products so you can show your Greek pride at every event. Here are some must-have products for representing your fraternity or sorority in style. Continue reading

  • Dental Promotional Products Every Dentist Office Should Have

    Top Dental Promotional Products

    Let’s face it, not many people look forward to going to the dentist. From anxiously sitting in the waiting room to an occasionally painful procedure, it’s not something that most people look forward to. Dental promotional products can help ease the stress of visiting the dentist while promoting your dental office after your customers leave. With dental promotional products, you can give your patients something to remember you by and look forward to at their next appointment. Below are some examples of dental promotional products that every dentist office should have. Continue reading

  • Welcome New Employees by Gifting Custom Promotional Products

    Show your employees that you appreciate them right from day one by gifting custom promotional products. A welcome package filled with branded products that are fun and useful for their job will impress and please your new hires. EmbroidMe explains some ways in which gifting custom promotional products to new employees is your best way of kicking off a great relationship on their first day at work. Continue reading

  • Build School Spirit with Custom Gear and Apparel

    Whether you’re a teacher, principal or volunteer parent group, building school spirit is important. Instilling a sense of pride in students can result in better attendance, higher grades, increased teamwork and a strong school culture. Customized school apparel and gear will help raise school spirit, while providing students with a sense of pride as they are seen in between classes, at lunch time and at extracurricular events. Here are some examples that will help boost your school spirit from the experts at EmbroidMe. Continue reading

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