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  • Team Gear Perfect for Businesses This Fall

    Support Your Team and Brand with Custom Team Gear

    There’s no question that fall is an important time of the year for sports fans. Whether it’s football, basketball or hockey, it’s the time of year when devoted fans get out their favorite jersey or custom team gear and fire up the crockpot for the perfect game-day recipe. With so much excitement going into sports, you may be wondering how you can compete with these beloved teams for the attention of your customers. Not to worry, read on to get some ideas for custom team gear that your brand can implement into your marketing campaign this fall. Continue reading

  • Employee Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

    Custom Employee Gifts for the Holidays

    The holidays are the perfect time to show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving away employee gifts. After all of their hard work throughout the year, don’t wait until the last minute to come up with the perfect gifts for your employees. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the holidays. Custom employee gifts can boost company morale, make your staff feel appreciated and encourage the continuation of their hard work and diligence. Below are some employee gift ideas perfect for the holidays. Continue reading

  • Time to Bundle Up with Winter Promotional Products

    When the temperature drops, bundle up with winter promotional products that your customers just can’t live without. During this time of the year, there are certain products that everyone needs just to get through the seemingly never-ending winter months. Now is the perfect time to start planning your business’s winter promotional products campaign so you can make an impression this season. Read on to see some of our top winter promotional products that can keep your brand top-of-mind this season.  Continue reading

  • How to Customize Your Office Holiday Party

    Create a Custom Office Holiday Party to Remember

    The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of others. However, organizing an office holiday party is a lot of work, and making sure everyone has a good time from start to finish can be even more trying. If you’re throwing a holiday party for your company and have no idea where to begin, don’t go into panic mode just yet. There are many different ways you can customize your office holiday party to ensure your colleagues and employees are left with fun and unforgettable memories. Continue reading

  • Gifts That Help Your Clients Keep Their New Year's Resolutions

    Products That Help Keep New Year’s Resolutions

    Gifts that help your employees or clients keep their New Year’s Resolutions are the gifts that keep on giving. Keeping resolutions can be difficult, especially when the buzz of the holidays is over and life goes back to normal. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with these useful, resolution-keeping gifts. Read on to find out what your brand should be giving away this holiday season. Continue reading

  • 6 Holiday Travel Promotional Products for Any Brand | EmbroidMe

    Increase Brand Awareness with Holiday Travel Promotional Products

    For many people, holiday festivities often involve travel. Whether they’re just travelling for the day or are planning a longer trip, holiday travel promotional products can make your customers happy while increasing brand awareness. Promotional products are extremely cost-effective and deliver a positive return on investment. Here are six holiday travel promotional products that can make travelling during the holidays easier and more convenient. Continue reading

  • Top Promotional Products for Veterans Day

    Show Your Appreciation on Veterans Day with Promotional Products

    November 11th is the day that America shows its appreciation to all of the Veterans who have served our country. Show your customers and the community your brand’s gratitude with custom promotional products that are perfect for Veterans Day. Promotional products are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, and by utilizing promotional items on holidays such as Veterans Day, you can gain even more recognition. Below are some of our top choices for Veterans Day promotional items. Continue reading

  • The Future is Here |Top Tech Gifts for 2018

    The Future is Here | Top Tech Gifts for 2018

    It will be 2018 in no time, so if you want to reach your tech-savvy audience, your company will need to invest in cutting edge tech gifts. These top tech gifts leave strong impressions on any crowd and can be customized for organizations or businesses from virtually any industry. Read on to see how investing in tech-themed promotional products will keep your brand relevant and in demand this new year. Continue reading

  • When is the Best Time to Order Promotional Products?

    Why Order Promotional Products in Q4?

    Whether your brand has an upcoming event or not, you should still know the best time is to order promotional products. Keeping extra promotional products on hand to use as customer giveaways, employee gifts or general marketing purposes is a great way to increase brand awareness. However, every business or organization has a schedule and budget to stick to that may be preventing you from ordering extra promotional products, regardless of the time of year. Promotional products already offer a great return on investment (ROI), and if ordered at the right time of year, you could be getting even more bang for your buck. Here is why October through December is the best time to order promotional products. Continue reading

  • The Importance of Vector Artwork for Promotional Products

    In order to produce clean, non-pixelated printing on promotional products, you need to supply the best possible version of your artwork in the form of a vector file. Vector artwork provides the printing company with a sharp, smooth image for the high-quality results you deserve. Here is some useful information for your next marketing project on vector artwork for promotional products. Continue reading

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