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Navy veteran stitches her way to success in Frederick

simensenLESLIE SIMENSEN OF EMBROIDME FREDERICK, MD was featured in her local newspaper, overviewing her history in the Navy, how she became an EmbroidMe Franchisee, and some of the work she?s done in the community. ?What started out as a hobby became an obsession, which is now my business.? NAVY VETERAN STITCHES HER WAY TO SUCCESS IN FREDERICK by Chris Huntemann Maryland Community Newspapers Online Sept. 2, 2010 UPDATE! The day after this article was published Leslie emailed us to let us know that it already got her new customers & a new employee! ?So far this morning I?ve had three new customers call about yesterday?s article. Free publicity: good. ?Yesterday, I had the second of two cars follow me home, down my 250 foot long driveway, to ask me for my business card. Simply because they saw my wrapped van driving around the neighborhood. One was a college professor and they?ve ordered 150 jackets, the other is an FBI agent who needs an entire assortment of products and services. Wraps: good. ? Today I hired a new OSR that I?ve been trying to get. The deciding factor for him? Yesterday?s article where he learned more about me. More sales: very good.? EmbroidMe of Frederick, MD 5732 Buckeystown Pike, Unit 21 Frederick, Maryland 21701 Leslie Simensen